Cubs in Rosemont? Don't bet on it.

Cubs in Rosemont? Don't bet on it.

Tom Ricketts all along should have had an alternative to Wrigley Field.

The Cubs in Rosemont, that is not an alternative. On the heels of Rick Reilly claiming Wrigley is sucking millions out of the Cubs pockets, the Mayor of Rosemont claims Ricketts could recoup $100 million if the team moves his way.

This Rosemont story is a one word deal, grandstanding.

I thought maybe with the report coming from Dave Kaplan, Ricketts was considering using this as leverage. However, it is just too flimsy, and it probably is too late in the game even if there was a legit option.

Ricketts has showed his hand, to my frustration.

I for the most part grew up in Rosemont. It was a town since the mid 80’s that was built around the promise of a casino. After many failed attempts, the town saw their coveted casino built right across the border in Des Plaines.

There is some real estate lying around in the aftermath that Rosemont just doesn’t know what to do with. Here comes their Mayor with his proposal that amounts to a publicity stunt. For many reasons, I wish it were a viable option.

There just isn’t a fit there. The demographics aren’t there; the tourist draw wouldn’t be either. The Cubs need to be in Chicago, and they know it. Unfortunately so does Tom Tunney. I just wish Ricketts wouldn’t have buried himself by begging to continue playing in a neighborhood that kicks its gift horse in the mouth.

Wrigleyville somehow thinks the town revolves around them and not their namesake, go figure. They are the whiniest, ungrateful bunch of bastards that deserve to lose their golden goose. Before the mid 80’s when the Cubs had a popularity boom, Wrigleyville was Old town with a ballpark.

I’d love to see how fast a deal would get done if there was another option. Not because I want the Cubs to move. I love Wrigley, there is a lot to love.

On the other hand, if the Yankees can recreate another Yankee Stadium...While we are talking about ancient parks, go ahead and ask the Red Sox group if they regret rehabbing Fenway instead of building a new park.

There would be plenty of good reasons to leave Wrigley if there was another option within the city. It's too bad Ricketts has left himself with only lame attempts at publicity to counter with.

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