Emery winning the interview list

Emery winning the interview list

The Bears are going in a different direction.

Make no mistake about it; Phil Emery is looking to change the identity of this team.

Emery had said his search for a head coach would be thorough and it was made very clear the coaching change was based on the offensive ineptness.  Looking at the interview roster, he hasn’t let anyone down yet.

Emery’s list has been both extensive and impressive. It seems he has contacted just about every bright offensive mind available. The names keep coming daily.

Mike McCoy, Bruce Arians, Rick Dennison, Darrell Bevell, Tom Clements, and Marc Trestman have all been in charge of successful offenses, are all highly regarded league wide, and have had much success tutoring QBs.

This is the way you do it.

Emery needs to listen to every one of these top offensive minds. Not just to feel them out as potential coaches but to pick their brains. He will be listening to all of their ideas on how to improve his offense and utilize his roster.

Most importantly he could gain some insight on how to use Jay Cutler best.

There have been some special teams coaches sprinkled in for good measure but it pretty clear where this is going, in the right direction.

In today’s league it is too important to be running a big boy offense. Especially when you have made a big commitment to a talented, yet unfulfilled promise of a QB.

Above all, Emery needs to find out if Cutler is worth committing to any more years and many millions beyond this season, and you need to have that answered by someone who truly knows the answer.

There maybe a part of you as a Bear fan that is a bit apprehensive about turning the focus to the other side of the ball.

Don’t be.

Even Jerry Angelo admitted during his search that led him to Lovie Smith that most of the Super Bowl winning coaches came from the offensive side. That was back when you could still stop offenses in the league.

As Matt Spiegel of WSCR pointed out the other day, if you hire a defensive or special teams guy, he then needs to bring in a great OC.  Then you have to always be worried about that guy getting stolen from you for a head coaching position.

Some have said this process could take a few more weeks. Another report has Emery getting ready to bring in 2 finalists next week to Halas Hall.

Either way, Emery won his press conference and now he is winning the interview list. All he has to do now is win the right coach.

With these names, he may not be able to lose.




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