Could weird Trestman saga derail right hire?

Could weird Trestman saga derail right hire?

It was a weird last couple of days in the Bears coaching search.

First ESPN’s John Clayton predicted with real comfort that Marc Trestman would end up with the job. Adam Schefter and Rich Gannon also voiced their support for the CFL coach.

Then there was the weird Jimmy Johnson tweet.

At first I really had a sense that Johnson may have let a cat out of the bag. It now seems more likely he was jumping the gun. We may never know. I had heard earlier in the day that there was "no way" this search was wrapped up yet.

Either way, this unwanted attention today couldn't have helped Trestman’s case. Could Phil Emery and the Bears hold this against Trestman somehow? It’s somewhat doubtful, but it will still look bad if Trestman is the pick with Emery following through with interviews this weekend.

The league is already calling some shenanigans on his Al Davis-like coaching search. There have been some grumblings that the Bears GM is trying to poach information from teams around the league, something Davis was known for and I encouraged.

I have warmed up to the idea of Trestman. The Bears are looking for the league's next great offensive mind and the one thing Trestman does have over the other candidates is the head coaching experience, be it north of the border.

The model I pine for most is that of a Mike McCarthy or Sean Payton type. An offensive mind that can also get the most out of Jay Culter and figure out if he can run the type of offenses we see on TV.

Rich Gannon says Trestman is the man for that job.

 “If you ask me if there’s one thing Chicago needs, it’s someone to get Jay Cutler back on track. If you look at [Cutler’s] footwork and ballhandling, he has major issues. Some fundamental things have slipped by the wayside because he hasn’t been coached properly. Marc could come in there and get him straightened out.”

“His ability to coach the position and call plays and coordinate the whole offense and do that from a head coach’s seat like he did in Canada sets him apart,” Gannon said. “A lot of people can’t balance all that, and he has proved he can do all that at a high level, just like McCarthy and Payton.”

There you go, he mentions those two names I’m looking for. Gannon also claims the major difference between the Bears and Packers isn’t so much overall talent, but the QB play. If that is true then the only hire that matters is the one that can help bridge that gap.

 “You learn about the importance of footwork, decision-making and getting the ball out on time,” Gannon said. “Cutler’s completion percentage would go way up, his interceptions would go down and his efficiency in the red zone and on third down would improve because he’ll have a thorough understanding of what he’s conceptually doing offensively.”

That sounds like the best concept to me yet.


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