Bevell the most promising pick for Bears

Bevell the most promising pick for Bears

Then there were two, possibly three.

Phil Emery thus far, has run a thorough (too thorough for some) search to get down to the reported three names.

According to multiple reports Darrell Bevell, Bruce Arians, and Marc Trestman will be coming back for round two at Halas Hall.

I'm now pulling for Bevell.

I don’t think Bears fans should be disappointed if any of these guys is the pick. I’ve just got this feeling about Darrell Bevell now. I’m not in any way suggesting he is the pick. In fact, the Jimmy Johnson tweet still looms large over this search in my mind.

I would be not be surprised one bit to see Marc Trestman on my TV Friday morning wearing an orange tie. However, I just keep thinking of the guy Emery painted a picture of during his New Years Day presser.

I envisioned a younger, dynamic personality that could ignite and offense and unite the building as Emery stated.

That screams Bevell to me. At least that is what I envisioned.

Trestman would be a sound choice but still has some risk attached, as he hasn’t been in the league in years. Arians maybe the safest choice, he has the most NFL proven track record and will most likely win NFL coach of the year.

But Bevell is right up there among the top young offensive minds in this league.

Brett Favre loved him in Green Bay as his QB coach and wanted him in Minnesota as the OC. They had themselves a nice partnership as Favre went on to have an MVP season. Favre may not have always been the easiest QB to deal with. Maybe that bodes well for how he could handle the maligned Jay Cutler.

Bevell apparently was impressive in his interview on Saturday in Atlanta before his team got knocked out the following day. Bevell’s work with rookie Russell Wilson has the league buzzing.

In today’s world neither Arains (60) nor Trestman (57) is considered old, but I've been saying all along I want the next Sean Payton or Mike McCarthy. Although, after this weekend you may want to scratch McCarthy and replace it with Jim Harbaugh’s name.

Either way, at this point Trestman and Arians are what they are already. Could Bevell (43)develop into the next dynamic coach we were looking for? What most thought Mike McCoy appeared to be?

Emery may have been impressed with Bevell this weekend. However, you have to wonder if it even took the meeting to do it. It was Bevell who helped carve up the Bears defense on two consecutive drives the previous time they were in the same building.

Darrell Bevell

Current position: Seahawks offensive coordinator

Age: 43 (Jan. 6, 1970)

Hometown: Yuma, Ariz.

Years coaching: 14

NFL coaching stops: Seahawks (2011-present, OC); Vikings (2006-10, OC); Packers (2003-06, QBs; 2000-2002, offensive assistant).



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