Hangovers in your 30s....

Originally written April 24, 2011 -- This weekend I experienced one of the best events ever thrown in my honor - my bachelorette party. In 27 days I will get married to my true love, but before I do that I was honored to attend my bachelorette party hosted by my sister, the grooms sister, and ALL of my best girlfriends. So Friday, April 22nd - I arrived at the Hampton Inn to a special treat. My amazing friend Paula outdid herself again! She decked the hotel out with a fabulous Tiki Bar, a chalkboard in the bathroom, tons of awesome decorations, drinks, food. I felt like I was in heaven! Once "my people" were gathered, we headed down to Howl at the Moon. We...had...a....BLAST! Several laughs, songs, and cocktails later I was feeling very happy. But the next day...not so much....

So I had the time of my life, but I am left with this tainted memory of how sick I felt for the remainder of the next 2 days and still waiting to feel 100%. Dont get me wrong, my binge drinking in my college days ended very similar to the day after the bachelorette party, but it still blows my mind. I am determined to find a cure...any suggestions would be helpful.

If I were in my 20s still, I would have gotten right back on that horse and rode off into the sunset for another night. But here I am, 2 nights later and still feel completely brain dead.

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  • Great post.

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    In my years of experiencing too much to drink, I've found the only cure is time, I know, it sucks...

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