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"Why would I stay?" - an email response

Hello Sir, I have a question for you about love. I have been in an on again, off again relationship for about 6 years with a gentleman whom I believed I loved. It’s very much alive because of my efforts, I believe I stuck around because I feel comfortable with him and the thought of... Read more »

Be That!

Be that! I was talking to a guy the other day who was complaining about the girl that lives with him. She has no job nor is she looking for a job and he feels burdened by this person and wants out. When I asked him why he doesn’t move on he said, I don’t... Read more »

State your business

State your business. So, on Facebook the other day, the very talented Ana Fernatt aka Accidentally Sexy suggested that I write a book called “How to Fiancé.” Apparently, Ana believes that I am doing a good job at being that guy and I should inform others on how to be the same. I took the... Read more »

Some thoughts on commitment.

Commitment. I’ve been thinking about commitment a lot lately. Been wanting to write about it and so it has been on the brain. Since linear thought is one of the many gifts The Bread Keeper forgot to bestow on me, my mind has raced all over the place with this topic. So, instead of trying... Read more »

The First Date

“Bro, give me some first date advice.” The first date should be high on conversation and low on investment. The purpose of a first date is to find out if this woman can hold a conversation and if she is interesting to you. You are obviously attracted to her hence the setup of the date.... Read more »

Evil Little Monster

“We all have some type of evil little monster inside.” Often times when we get in relationships we get in to them guarded, ready and willing to protect ourselves against harm. Most of the time, we do this because we have been hurt in the past and we vowed to never be hurt like that... Read more »

The Buck Stops With You, Man.

“To be a man is precisely, to be responsible.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery   I have been blessed with a wonderful grandfather who has over the years dropped some serious knowledge on me. I only wish I had been as smart as Justin Halpern and maybe I too would have a best selling book filled... Read more »

Side Piece Nation! There's A Better Life!

The Side Piece Life sucks!   I know. I have lived the Side Piece life. I have been the other guy. The other guy that was more engaging, more attentive, more exciting than the Main Piece. I was the guy hidden in the wings loving on borrowed and/or stolen time. And while I convinced myself... Read more »

Better To Suck Now, Than 18 Months From Now.

I don’t understand why people lie to kick it. Why do people go to extreme lengths to present this “ultimate awesome me” only to fail miserably later in the relationship because they really aren’t that awesome? I have seen drinkers pretend not to be drinkers; smokers pretend not to be smokers; gamers act like they... Read more »

If You’re Single It's By Choice So Stop With All The Drama

“Are you really over being single? Lower your standards.” While jotting down notes for an article about my inability to understand why men don’t listen to their women, a workmate came by my workspace complaining about being single on Valentine’s Day. When she left, I told my coworker that I am so sick of this... Read more »