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Beyoncé's Lemonade reminds me no one knows anything

Since Beyoncé’s Lemonade dropped, it seems like everyone with internet access turned into a sleuth with the determination of uncovering the real humans behind Beyoncé’s lyrics. It’s as if Beyoncé is no longer a creative, imaginative force but is rather a clever regurgitator of life happenings. So, based on what we saw on Lemonade, Beyoncé’s... Read more »

Rule number 2 Do not let love make you annoying

Number Two on LoveFromTheBrain’s top ten rules for relationships and dating is do not let love make you annoying. Being in love is not justification for being the cause of anger and/or irritation. One should never want to cause anger and/or irritation and I would think that one should be aware if one is causing... Read more »

I am a wannabe writer trying to get there

Where you at? That was the question in my email today and after reading it I realized that I haven’t posted to my blog in over a month. So where am I? Somewhere not writing.  At least not love related stuff. I want to blame my absence on The Defiant Thomas Brothers. That’s the two... Read more »

I hope they all learn to know themselves

July 16, 2015 “Born heartless with a cold soul yet I believe that I was put on Earth to love more.” So I was sitting on the train this morning and this woman was on her phone and she was talking about how the new guy she met didn’t work out and how they never... Read more »

I am the captain of my soul and this is my log

“Today is the day I return to my blog,” was what I told myself when I awoke this morning and with a little four hours left in this day; I have sat down in front of my computer and set out to not make myself a liar. It has been a while since I have... Read more »

Stealing time from women isn't cool

One of the harsh realities in the relationship game is that there are men out here stealing women’s assets. Her physical, emotional, spiritual and financial assets. And they do it with love. And that’s not cool. The theft begins at the precise moment when he realizes that she wants something he is determined not to... Read more »

A Valentine's Day Tale

A Valentine's Day Tale
Once upon a time, many years ago, when I was single, I had a friend, who was also single and one night we went out for dinner and drinks on February 13th. At some point in the conversation, Valentine’s Day came up and my friend went IN on how ridiculous of a “holiday” Valentine’s Day... Read more »

Our vision of equality is as old as we are

Our vision of equality is as old as we are
I was talking to a buddy last night about the large amount of “Happy Nigger Day” tweets I saw on Twitter on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’ Day and how the majority of tweets were from American kids of both European and African descent. When he asked me what I thought that was about, I... Read more »

I write because I believe I have something to say

I write because it is the fundamental discipline of all of the things creative that I enjoy doing. I like to make hip hop songs. I have to write lyrics. I like to sing songs about life with a comedic tone. I have to write the verses and the hooks and the bridges. I like... Read more »

Find out what people mean when they say things

I had the pleasure of being a guest on an internet radio show the other night – Her Monthly Radio with Ana Fernatt and Jillian Conley – and at some point in the night a caller called in and asked about Facebook friend requests. The question was, “if you are dating someone when do you... Read more »