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"My BF is Mr Over Social"

“Hey there I just read your article on guys in relationships and their female friends. I’ve been with my bf for 4 yrs now we were supposed to get married 2 yrs ago But he cheated and lied on several occasions since then. For the past yr he said he’s turn a new page he’s... Read more »

That is not my stuff.

Stuff. Everybody has stuff. Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and any other –al of which you can think. People got it. And since there’s a really good chance you are dating a person, there’s a great chance that the person has stuff. Maybe you can see it. It may be deeply hidden. It may be right... Read more »

"Why would I stay?" - an email response

Hello Sir, I have a question for you about love. I have been in an on again, off again relationship for about 6 years with a gentleman whom I believed I loved. It’s very much alive because of my efforts, I believe I stuck around because I feel comfortable with him and the thought of... Read more »

Money, Money, Money...Money!

Dear Love from the Brain, Have a new one for you: The person you’re dating asks you to borrow money. Is that a dealbreaker? Comes up time and time again for my guy friends. It’s only happened to me 2x. Curious to know your opinion (and your readers) about money in relationships. Hope you’re well!... Read more »

Stop doing THAT.

Stop doing THAT Stop doing THAT. Like for real. Stop doing THAT. What is the THAT that I am tell you to stop doing? I don’t know. I’m not in your relationship so I can’t be very specific. In fact, I can’t be specific at all. But I do know that relationships are activities. They... Read more »

Be That!

Be that! I was talking to a guy the other day who was complaining about the girl that lives with him. She has no job nor is she looking for a job and he feels burdened by this person and wants out. When I asked him why he doesn’t move on he said, I don’t... Read more »

Stop expecting them to care.

I recently read an article called 7 Things You Should Stop Expecting From Others and it was an excellent list. The article ended with “Your Turn. What would you add to this list?” Well, I would add the following. Stop expecting them to care about the stuff you care about. We all care about stuff.... Read more »

"A relationship question about delusions"

“I have a relationship question. In an article I read recently this concept came up, ‘Love means being slightly deluded. Happy people believe their partner is a little more awesome than they really are. Someone you think is great who also thinks you’re great — it’s one of the primary things you should look for... Read more »

How important is it to be compatible?

Dear Love from the Brain, How important is compatibility? I am having a really hard time moving on from my ex and I think the biggest reason is because we were so compatible, alike and comfortable with each other that now the thought of having to actually search for it again is discouraging? -MG Dear... Read more »

State your business

State your business. So, on Facebook the other day, the very talented Ana Fernatt aka Accidentally Sexy suggested that I write a book called “How to Fiancé.” Apparently, Ana believes that I am doing a good job at being that guy and I should inform others on how to be the same. I took the... Read more »