Do not let love make you annoying

Do not let love make you annoying

If I had a LoveFromTheBrain's top ten rules for relationships and dating, number two would most definitely be do not let love make you annoying.

Being in love is not justification for being the cause of anger and/or irritation. One should never want to cause anger and/or irritation and I would think that one should be aware if one is causing anger and/or irritation.

And stop.

Even if one's behavior is driven by love and done with the greatest of intentions, if it causes anger and/or irritation, then it is annoying and must cease.

It's a rather easy concept, really. But it does require getting over one's self.

All feelings are cool. All behaviors aren't. There is nothing wrong with being in love with someone. There is nothing wrong with expressing that love.

However, if one's expressions of love doesn't inspire love then the expression negates the love. For the expression causes anger and/or irritation which are roads to hate.

What one's love should do is make one more loving. Make one more aware of how one express one's affections and how it makes the other one feel.

One's expressions of love should cause more love. Not anger and/or irritation.

Remember. No always. No never.

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