Everything is not funny

Everything is not funny

As a person who has spent many years as a comedic actor, standup comic and general theater goer (if that’s a word), I have often times watched performances and wondered “what’s funny about that?” or “do they really think that’s funny?” And the truth is, yes, that person does think it’s funny otherwise they wouldn’t have performed what they performed. However, what the artist learns, as many of us learn when performing comedy, is that what is funny to them isn’t funny to everyone else. They learn that some sh!t just isn’t funny.

The same thing applies in relationships. We often do things or say things in relationships that we find to be hilarious that the other person doesn’t think is funny at all. And like anyone who thinks they are funny, we continue to perform our unfunny act over and over again with no regard to our significant other because it’s entertaining to us. We need to learn, like the performs mentioned in paragraph one, that some sh!t is not funny.

I think in relationships it’s important to recognize when we are performing unfunny acts and to be aware of the feelings that the unfunny acts evoke. I also think it’s important to stop with the unfunny. Not because it’s not funny to you but because we shouldn’t be in relationships intentionally causing pain. The first time around, everyone gets a pass because we don’t know how the other person is going to react. But when you’re significant other tells you “that’s not funny” or it has gotten to point when they say “stop saying/doing that,” it really is time to let the joke go. No matter how funny it is to you.

Most people associate the word funny with laughter but the word is actually an adjective meaning causing amusement. I make this distinction because the only reason someone would continue to do or say something that the other person doesn’t like is because it amuses them. They are entertaining themselves and the expense of the other person. And that’s just mean. I know. I have been that guy before.

Stop it. If you are trying to be funny, be amusing to all parties involved, not just yourself. Focus on amusing the other person more than yourself. You will find that you are providing more joy with your jokes and antics.

Remember. No always. No never.

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