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Who Are These People?

I have held countless conversations about relationships with all kinds of people and one thing that seems to almost always come up is the comparison of one’s significant other to a group of individuals that represent the norm. People say things like, “men do this” and “women don’t like that” and “most (fill in the... Read more »

The Girlfriend's Friends

“A friend to all is a friend to none.” – Aristotle I was talking to a group of guys about relationships and they were a bit taken aback by my “I don’t really care if they like me” attitude towards my girlfriend’s friends. Almost all the guys in the group were very concerned about being... Read more »

Dear Love From The Brain - Online Dating Accounts

Dear Love from the Brain, I’ve been seeing this one guy regularly since St. Patrick’s Day and we are like totally into each other. He’s recently divorced and before meeting him I had just gotten out of a long term relationship so we both decided that we should take things slow. So, while we are... Read more »