If they like it, then you love it.

Every now and then a friend gets into a relationship and all you can think is WTF! And for whatever reason the relationship irks the holy hell out of you and not only do you find yourself hating the relationship, you even begin to consider ways to tell this friend that this thing is all... Read more »

An Open Letter to Julien Blanc supporters worldwide

Dear Julien Blanc supporters, Your fearless master of pickup artistry is taking a beating on the internet and rightfully so. Anyone that advocates treating others in a manner that contradicts with the golden rule is bound to be receive some backlash and that is what your Julien Blanc does. I have watched all the free... Read more »

Tolerate the Toleration

Tolerate. Tolerate is another great word in English that gets a bad rap due to the infusion of human emotion into its meaning. Almost every time I use tolerate in a conversation the response is “I don’t want to be tolerated.” Now the way I see it, we only have three choices in regards to... Read more »

Tell me something positive

So, I just watched this Heather Hill video on Facebook called “NO Opposite Sex friends when in a relationship/marri(age)” and as my guy DJ LV put it ” Ehhhhhh.” Mrs. Hill believes people in relationships shouldn’t have friends of the opposite sex. And that’s cool. We differ on the subject, but this post is not... Read more »

I wish I still did standup comedy.

This is my participation in ChicagoNow’s Blogapalooz-Hour! The challenge is to publish a post in one hour. Here is tonight’s challenge: “Write about something in your life you’ve given up but that you wish you still did” I wish I still did standup comedy. I love doing standup. It was just me, the mic and... Read more »

How to love from the brain

I received this question on Twitter a few months back. While I answered in real time, I thought about it again and wanted to write about it. My answer was, “it’s governance. With matters of the heart use the brain. Feel everything and then think before you behave.” I believe in love. I wrote a... Read more »

It's how we handle the truth that matters

This post is my participation in “This Blogger Life.” Each week ChicagoNow bloggers are given a theme as a catalyst for a blog post. This week’s theme “Can you handle the truth.” When I first saw the theme “Can you handle the truth?” my mind went straight to “of course.” No, I lie. My mind... Read more »

Maybe I need more Disney in my relationship

I awoke this morning to an NPR report on what I believe was customer service and Disney, specifically the Disney Institute and the wonders its teachings have done for hundreds of companies.  The morning started – like most mornings start – with a half hour of snoozapallooza so I did not catch the entire report... Read more »

The transition from single to married

I am almost there. My lady and I have gone from strangers to friends to friends dating to official couple to Facebook official to engaged to be married to – as of today – twenty-eight days away from our wedding and it has been quite a ride. Throughout it all, I have maintained a clear... Read more »

Converse willing to learn, change and grow

In the past week, I have had several conversations birthed by the situation that happened in Ferguson, Missouri. This is not a post about Ferguson but rather a post about what I have learned about discussing Ferguson. Some people participate in conversation just to beat others with their opinions. This is not a revelation. I... Read more »