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Top quotes from the musical Hamilton: No spoilers included

Top quotes from the musical Hamilton: No spoilers included
I have listened to the Hamilton Soundtrack so many times, I felt like the play was performing in my mind. I wanted to see it, and even tried the Hamilton Lottery obsessively. Then my daughter Sydney gave me the gift of Hamilton for Mother’s Day. I knew that we had to wait until the fall... Read more »

Review: A Star Is Born (No spoilers)

Review: A Star Is Born (No spoilers)
Ever since I saw the trailer for the new A Star Is Born, I have been excited to go see it. I rented the last two versions of it, and have read every article I saw about it. The day finally arrived; I saw it Thursday night. Amazing! Favorite line or message of movie: Jackson... Read more »

Review: Do I review Summerfest or Hunter Hayes?

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Summerfest started in 1968 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The great thing about this music fest is that you pay $20 for the day, and you can see all of the performers on any stage, except the headliner- that does cost extra. I went Saturday July 7th to experience the fest and to see Hunter Hayes. Although he... Read more »

Review: Taylor Swift Concert at Soldier Field

Review: Taylor Swift Concert at Soldier Field
I was given the opportunity by a couple of my friends to attend the Taylor Swift Concert in Chicago last night. I was so excited that I just kept saying it over and over and jumping up and down. Hopefully, I wasn’t too annoying doing that so they will invite me again. I have loved her music... Read more »

Are singing competition shows still a thing?

I was always a huge fan of American Idol. I never missed a show if at all possible, and I bought many of the songs. A friend of mine even brought me when the tour came to Chicago with one of my favorite contestants, Adam Lambert, which was amazing. This week, I was watching The Voice... Read more »

Music Review: Better Man by Little Big Town

Music can bring back memories. It can make you feel happy; it can make you feel sad. It can connect you to emotions that you didn’t even know were right there below the surface. That is what the song Better Man by Little Big Town did to me. Favorite Lyric: “ I know I’m probably... Read more »

Do you have the music in you?

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Oh, to have been a musician. Like many others, I have always loved music, and been quite impressed with other people’s ability to play instruments and to sing. When I was 13, I even took guitar lessons, but I could never quite get the hang of it, so I gave up. I do think that... Read more »

Music is such a reflection of where I am in the world

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This Is When I Feel Grateful: Day 15 Countdown When I was a young girl, I was sure that I was going to be a famous singer someday, but then my parents bought me a stereo that could record your singing. I wasn’t horrible, but I knew that I needed a new dream. I loved... Read more »

Let the season begin with music

We all have our own favorite holiday songs to begin the season of celebration. There are new songs; there are old songs; there are remakes of old songs, and a bunch of simply silly holiday songs. Does anyone remember Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer? There are radio stations that only play Christmas music... Read more »

Music heals and connects

There are some songs that just stand the test of time, and “American Pie” is one of them. It was released in 1971 when I was around seven years old. Many of you may remember the old 8 track players that came out in the sixties? Well I had a portable one that I can vividly... Read more »