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Review: A Star Is Born (No spoilers)

Review: A Star Is Born (No spoilers)
Ever since I saw the trailer for the new A Star Is Born, I have been excited to go see it. I rented the last two versions of it, and have read every article I saw about it. The day finally arrived; I saw it Thursday night. Amazing! Favorite line or message of movie: Jackson... Read more »

Movie (DVD) Review: RBG

Movie (DVD) Review: RBG
I have never had much interest in politics or the legal profession even though I did almost apply to law school after college to champion for the oppressed. Maybe that is why I had an interest to learn about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, because she inspires me to find a way to make a real difference in... Read more »

Movie Review: Black Panther (No spoilers included)

I have been excited to see the movie Black Panther since it came out. I have read that it is getting great reviews in addition to breaking box office records, but I have tried very hard not to read too much, so I don’t ruin the viewing of it for myself. I went this evening... Read more »

Movie Review: The Greatest Showman (no spoilers included)

I love movies and always have. I rent most movies from the library to watch, but I do buy movies that I love and will watch again and again like the Star Wars and a Harry Potter movies. There are also some movies that must be viewed at the movie theater on the big screen... Read more »

Is it too late to watch a Christmas movie?

Is it a wonderful life? Is it love actually? I have not watched any of my favorite or any classic holiday movies yet this Christmas season, except for some Hallmark ones on television. We had a White Christmas in Chicago, but I never sat and watched this movie. I am not sure why I haven’t watched... Read more »