Stay healthy

Stay healthy
Stay healthy

Are you focusing on your health and well-being? It is surprising to me that it has been 6 months since we began social distancing practices due to COVID-19. Time has flown by, and I am shocked that it is almost the first day of fall already. I have attended my fair share of zoom workshops and read more articles than I can count about how to cope during this challenging time. Even though I struggle often, I try to stay positive and focus on any tiny bit of good that can emerge out of this horrible pandemic. I created this list as a way to have concrete items I can do to increase my well-being. There is really nothing new in my list; however, I wanted to share with others the ways that I am trying to stay healthy. I do not do everything every day or even every week, but it helps me when I focus on these seven concrete areas.

  1. Keep your immune system high

-Eat nutritiously

-Exercise daily

-Get enough sleep

-Don’t catch a chill/be cold

-Watch drinking alcohol

-Take vitamins

  1. Practice ways to quiet your mind


-Do yoga

-Sit in nature

  1. Keep a routine

-Get up at the same time each morning

-Take a shower and get dressed

-Stay organized

-Separate work and free time if you are working from home now

  1. Do things you enjoy

-Think about hobbies you haven’t done in awhile

-Do some self care like nails and home facials

-Renew old dreams

  1. Let yourself feel those emotions so you can process and release them

-Journal or write notes you throw away

-Talk to someone

  1. Focus on the positive

-Keep gratitude lists

-Let go of what you miss and don’t have now

  1. Keep connections

-Talk to your loved ones through text, video or phone calls

-Find groups on social media with like-minded people

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