Do you keep a journal?

Do you keep a journal?

My first experience with journaling came when I was around nine or ten years old with a little locked diary to write my daily thoughts. It is a practice I have continued through my entire life. What once was a log or record of my day has evolved and become so much more. Often I write daily when times are difficult because writing down my feelings on paper is one way that I maintain my health during challenging times, like now. It is a concrete way for me to express my feelings and to get in touch with my deep thoughts and beliefs. When I read old entries, I am reminded of what I have gone through, survived and even learned through. There are times when I am reading that I don’t even recognize as my own words and thoughts. At first, I may feel sad when I read the words, but then I am reminded how much I have grown. There are times that I write every day, and there are other times that I forget how vital journaling is to my health and wellbeing. I have a variety of journals that I have received as gifts, and some I have bought for myself. Some are plain notebooks, and others have beautiful covers and inspirational words. I even have some with prompts to get my words flowing. I try to reflect and become aware of my words often re-reading what I wrote. I listen for answers or insights through these written expressions of my life. There is also gratitude, positivity and celebration in these journals. Whether you believe in God, the universe, your intuition or even your own mind, there is power in the words.

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All through my day, no matter where I go, or what I do, I am always looking for the good in people, in the world, in my life or even just in my day.

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