250 posts of connection

250 posts of connection

screen-shot-2020-01-08-at-6-52-56-pmI have written 250 posts for ChicagoNow since I started in September of 2016. Although there have been changes with this platform, I am grateful for the outreach to share my voice and thoughts. There have been months that I wrote a couple of articles a week, and other times when I barely wrote two. Through it all though one thing remains which is my love of writing and sharing ideas. I read many articles through social media including many of my colleagues at ChicagoNow. Some of these writers, I have been able to meet in person although many others, I have only communicated with online. Even though I have not met them in person, it often feels that I have because as I read the words they write and learn their stories, I get to know them, and I value our connection. I know that there is much talk about how people aren’t connecting in “real life” because of technology and social media; however, I feel just the opposite. Writing Looking For The Good has helped me to meet others online and in person. It has opened my eyes and educated me on topics I never knew about. I can connect and learn from a much more diverse group of people than I ever knew possible, and I do indeed know these people in real life even if we never met face to face. Thank you ChicagoNow and my CN community of friends!

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