Review: Dumbo 2019 (No spoilers)

Review: Dumbo 2019 (No spoilers)

I recently rented the new movie Dumbo from the library. It had a big cast and since I never saw it on the big screen, I was excited to watch it. Someone said that I never post a bad review, so here is the first. I was very disappointed in this version of the Disney classic. It had a dark undertone, and I did not find the adult characters in it very likeable. In fact, I struggled to understand who would turn out to be the so-called “good guys”. Without giving any spoilers, there were a few positive moments in the story that I held onto like the following quote.

Favorite line or message of movie “Your children don’t need you to be perfect. They just need you to believe in them.” ~Colette Marchant

Did the storyline hold my attention? The circus scenery was dazzling yet I found myself looking for something else to do while I watched it.

Could I understand what was happening? Yes, the story is fairly straightforward.

Did I care about at least 1 character? Only Dumbo and the children; the adults were not really likeable characters to me.

Did I think about or talk about the movie when it was over? Other than to say that I was disappointed in it and to write this post, no.

Would I see this movie a second time? Definitely not.

Stars 1=bad, 2=good 3=great: 1 star at the most.

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