I can be a difference maker and so can you too!

I can be a difference maker and so can you too!

Sometimes I feel like what I do doesn’t matter. I try to be a supportive mom, a caring daughter and a positive person to others, but most days I feel like it is not enough. Maybe everyone has this deep desire to make a difference and to be a person of action and change, but as I get older I know that time is passing by, and I want to do more. When I was an infant teacher for 13 years, I felt important. I knew that I was making a difference in the lives of these infants. Even when my own daughters were young, my level of importance was evident in shaping and guiding them. They are all three grown and living their own lives, and I am an Assistant Director instead of a teacher now, so I often lose sight of my impact. I have worked at the same school since 2004, and my amazing co-workers truly feel like my “work family”. We truly care for one another so it’s difficult to see my impact. Seven weeks ago though, I was asked to support another center; I was so nervous about how they would respond to me and if I could support and encourage people I don’t know. I questioned whether I could make a difference. My time there is almost over, and last week I received a note from a teacher that said, “You are a loving, uplifting, hard working and positive person. We need more Susan’s!” If you are like me and feel like you need to do more, be more or make a bigger impact, just remember this one person’s words. When I lose faith that I am making a difference, I can know that influence can happen in the little moments too. I can be a difference maker and so can you too!

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