Would you go out to eat alone?

Would you go out to eat alone?
Dinner for one

In the last few years since my last relationship ended, I have branched out on my own to live life as single person. I got married at 26 so technically I was single until then and even for the year between my divorce and before my next 11 year relationship started, but I was really never alone until now. Before these last few years, I had boyfriends, a husband or my kids to go places with me. Before I got married, I don’t remember doing things alone. I would go with friends, my family or stay home.

I have gone to movies, out hiking, to dinner and even traveled and stayed at hotels alone. Sure it would be nice to have someone to share these things with but not having someone special won’t keep me from doing the things I enjoy doing. Granted, I generally eat at the bar instead of at a table for one, and I usually don’t eat out or go to movies on Saturday nights, New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day since there are a lot of couples out those nights. It wasn’t easy to begin doing this, but now I encourage others to try it. I am even stretching myself more to just be in the experience and not spending the time reading a book or looking at my phone. I do have to push myself to do it sometimes, but I am a strong independent woman who is living life to the fullest!

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