Meet Elias: “We are all born with intuitive abilities”

Meet Elias: “We are all born with intuitive abilities”

I would like to introduce you to Elias Patras. He leads motivational intuitive workshops, weekend retreats, and classes at Sauk Valley Community College and much more. I met him first when I attended the Manifesting Your Destiny Retreat in August of 2018, which was life changing to me. He has an upcoming retreat called Aspects of Love on February 22-24th. There is a video link here about this event as well as Elias gives more information about it in the interview. I hope you enjoy reading about him and his spiritual gifts.

When I attended the Intuitive Group Reading in December, I realized I wanted to know more about you. In addition to the retreats, classes and intuitive group readings, you are also an author of a book, which I own and have signed by you of course, titled From The Universe to Our Hearts. Please describe this book for the readers and share if you have other books in the works? This book is meant to give inspiration and guidance for the day. You can flip the pages and stop on a page, and receive your message for that day. Or pick a number 1 - 100 and get ready for your special message for the day. I am creating a Workbook for the next book. This will be a "how to book" with exercises about tapping into one's own inner voice, our intuition.

eliasI can’t wait to buy the workbook too. When did you come to know that you had intuitive gifts? Great question. I think we are all born with intuitive abilities. Like I have said to many of my clients and people that have come to any workshop or speaking event.  We all have a radio, it’s in the basement. We have to dust it off, plug it in, turn up the volume, raise the antenna and dial the right channel so it comes in clear.  I decided to do that about 20 years ago.  I do remember however as a child, I would have strange vivid dreams. Sometimes they would be about someone who was in my family. I would see all of my family members in church except one person. I would ask my parents where they were and they wouldn’t say anything in my dream. I would wake up to a phone call that the person who was not in my dream passes away.

Wow! What do you think the reason is that you have been given these gifts? I think for me personally I was giving these gifts to help understand myself better and to be able to connect to my clients. As an only child who was adopted, I had an experience in church on Good Friday a year before my mom passed away. I was praying with my eyes closed and I felt someone touch my shoulder and whisper in my ear, "one of your parents won't be here for Easter next year." I opened my eyes; nobody was there.  I think if I didn't get that message I would have had a nervous breakdown when my Mom passed away the following year 2 weeks before Easter.  For me, I think I was given those gifts to understand that there is more than just life and death. That our loved ones are always with us and we are never alone.  I think we all look for the BIG NEON sign from the Divine that says Go Here, To this, Here's the answer, and I believe that we get subtle signs all the time, we just have to take the time to listen. My passion is to help others find their inner voice and to believe in themselves.

I loved the retreat that I attended and wish that I was able to attend this one in February called Aspects of Love. Can you tell me more about it? The Aspects of Love Retreat is Friday, February 22nd at 3 pm until Sunday the 24th at 3 pm and will be at the House in The Wood Retreat Center in Delavan, WI.

Can you share some information about what people can expect that weekend? Yes, here is the description. Come spend a weekend exploring the many Aspects of Love, as we deepen our understanding of our inner voice. We will bridge the gap of loving ourselves through support of community. This weekend will allow us to work on clearing old patterns that no longer serve us as we determine how to prepare ourselves for love on all levels. We will dive deep within to reconnect to our true love of Ourselves, Family and Others, Career, and Nature/Spirit. We work in large group, small groups and individual work. We will do several other experiential exercises including a fire ceremony, guided-meditative trance dance, sound healing, a heart energy painting, which are all meant to clear and call in love in all areas of our lives. Bring a loved one with to share this experience.The cost of $525 includes lodging, food and the workshop. A $150, non-refundable deposit is required to guarantee your spot. If you sign up before Jan.22nd, the discounted rate is $435.

You also have a couple of other retreats in 2019. Could you share those dates and descriptions of them? Yes, there are two planned. 

Connecting to our Mothers Date: May 10-12th in Oregon, IL. On this weekend we will talk how we not only honor our biological or adoptive Mother's but also Mother Earth. Nature teaches us so much about ourselves and Mother Earth and the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. These can teach us about being Grounded, connecting to out Emotions, Our Spiritual nature and our Passion and how those are transformed within us thru the teachings of Nature. Now you don't have to be a Mom to go on this weekend. We all have that nurturing piece within us. Mother's Day Weekend Special Retreat, bring your Mom and she receives a discount.

Reawaken Your Twin Spirit Date: November 8-10th in Oregon, IL. Are you feeling out of balance? Do you wish that you could be more nurturing; or more understanding? Do you wish that you had more drive, more passion, or a balanced place of self? The weekend we will understand how to bring balance into our life by connecting to the sacred masculine and feminine. We will learn how these two energies live naturally within all of us and how we are able to find that healthy balance of self by calling on those energies when we need. The weekend will be a weekend of experiential exercises, guided meditation trance dance, sharing, in large and small groups, and a fire ceremony.

We are also in the process of having our 2020 schedule for retreats being arranged with 3 more retreat weekends.

  • Honoring Your Inner Voice in February of 2020,
  • Nurturing your Inner Spirit in May of 2020
  • Manifesting Your Desires in October 2020.

You also teach a couple of courses, Introduction to Tapping into your Inner Voice and Manifesting Your Desires. Where could people find more information on those? The information for those classes are in the Sauk Valley Community College Spring catalog. You can click the link here for more information and go to page 16 in Personal Enrichment Mind and Spirit.

You are such an inspiration to me and you motivate me to be the best ME possible. What are you looking to manifest in your future? Thanks Susan. I am inspired my all of the people that I meet on this journey. I learn from each client, each retreat attendee and each student. I am looking to manifest a few things.  We are looking to adopt a child, so starting a family. I am also looking to taking my business to the next level. I want to make a bigger difference and truly inspire others to connect to their own gifts and with that hopefully they will inspire others. My parents were 46 & 56 when they adopted me.  They always said to me that so many people told them that they were too old to adopt a child.  My Mom and Dad both said, if they took no for an answer, I would not be here.  They made me understand that anything is possible if we believe in it and have the passion and desire to make it happen. I am looking forward to manifesting everything that is for my highest good and make this a very memorable year.

Thank you for sharing your story Elias.

You can learn more about him on his Elias Facebook Page. There are also many links in this article so be sure to click on them to learn even more about him and his events. In addition, I wrote about the retreat I attended so if you are interested, you can read it here at Can We Manifest Our Desires?

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