Let’s start a #SelfieNoFilter Challenge

Let’s start a #SelfieNoFilter Challenge

Do you participate in the social media challenges? Recently, people were posting a “How well have you aged?” challenge on Facebook. People were asked to post their first and then most recent profile picture to compare the difference. Most people that I saw posting were about 8-10 years apart, and everyone looked great in their newest picture. Obviously that means that they aged well. It got me wondering if the people who changed a lot and not for the better would join in the challenge. I would like to believe that I would have posted it even if I changed a lot. I also realized that my hairstyle and color essentially looked the same even though I had changed it drastically a few times over these last 10 years. I never did the Planking Challenge or the Ice Bucket one. I also didn’t and won’t try any of the dangerous ones where you jump out of a moving car or blindfold yourself. When I did the Black and White Photo Challenge a few years back, I even wrote a post about it too. Here is the link if you want to read it. Is the Black and White Photo Challenge Fun? I like these challenges and even love the Facebook quizzes. Most of the time they are scarily accurate. How about you? Do you like them and participate? Want to join me in posting a #SelfieNoFilter Challenge? Guys can participate too. I took mine at the mall last weekend, and even took it with no make up on!img_3663

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