What do you focus on?

What do you focus on?

This is a busy time of year for everyone with the holidays approaching as well as the end of another year, but it is also the time for setting goals and making resolutions. How do I decide what they are? What do I focus on in this busy holiday season? I don’t think there are necessarily right or wrong ones for me, but there might be correct or incorrect consequences of those decisions. As I choose what to do in my free time, and I set goals for next year, I can ask myself if my choices are bringing me closer to my dreams and desires or farther away? I often say that one of my desires is to make more money, but I also want more time to write my books, so what do I focus on? I could set a goal to work harder and try for promotions or even get a part time job, but what would be the result of that? Is making more money really my goal and intention no matter the consequences? People make time for things that interest them and are important to them, no matter how busy they are. So what is important to me?

  • Writing my books
  • Time with my kids and family
  • Being at a job I enjoy with people I like
  • Helping others, encouraging others

Sure, I hope that I make more money in 2019, but I am not sure that I want that as a goal or my focus. Instead I want to do more of what I love, and find a way to make decisions out of that place of love, not out of my fears.


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