Be healthy in 2019

Be healthy in 2019

So many people have said that they don’t want to go to a doctor or have certain tests done because they might find something wrong, but isn’t the illness still there even if you don’t know it? I have had eight doctor appointments and/or tests in the last few months. Since I met my family insurance deductible this year, I was on a mission to get every check up and test I was past due for completed. Friday was my last one for the year, which was a full body scan at the dermatologist. Since I used a tanning bed when I was younger, and I have a few family members with skin cancer, I was a little nervous. No need to worry since it went great, and I had no suspicious spots at all, but it got me thinking more about my health. As I drove there early Friday, I realized that I never pray that they don’t find something. Instead I always ask that if there is anything, that they please find it now while it is early because I know that early detection is so important. There are a few things I need to focus on like more exercise, using sunscreen and eating better consistently, but I am grateful that I am healthy for another year. Maybe I cannot choose whether I get an illness, but I can choose to take care of myself and to try to ensure that any illness I get, is detected early on. Please take care of yourself too! Be healthy in 2019.

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