An interview: With Myself About Heaven

An interview: With Myself About Heaven

img_1535I recently read Mitch Albom’s new book The Next Person You Meet in Heaven, and have been thinking about it ever since. Instead of simply writing about the book or writing a review of it, I decided to go deeper and interview myself. This was more difficult than I thought it would be. I hope that you enjoy my reflection and that it makes you think about whom you would want to meet in heaven.

 Who are the 5 people you would want to meet in heaven? That is easy. First would be my father who died when he was only 55; then my Aunt Donna and my Grandma Elsie; then my sister-in-law, Debbie and my Great-Grandma Hermine.

Why did your chose those 5 people? I chose them because those are the ones that I miss a lot, and I would like to thank them all for loving me.

In the book, Annie learned lessons about life and about herself from each of the people. What would your lesson be from each of them? That is tough. I would like to believe that I, too, made a difference in each of their lives, but I guess for the lessons that I learned from them. My dad helped me know what was important in life, through his living but also through his death. Maybe my Aunt Donna and Debbie also taught me a similar lesson about life being too short since they also died young. I don’t want to have regrets or put off until tomorrow things that I can do today. My Grandma Elsie and her mother my Great Grandma Hermine showed me the importance of being active and caring about others since they both lived into their 90’s. All of these people except my dad wrote letters back and forth with me, sharing glimpses into their lives and thoughts. While it is so difficult to pinpoint exact lessons, but I know these 5 people taught me how to love and how to receive love.

Do you believe in heaven? Yes, I definitely do believe in a life after death, but I am not sure if it’s an actual place like heaven is often depicted. Because we can only understand things in our frame of reference, we put limitations on understanding by making the place like here on earth and the people or souls like our human bodies. I think that there is so much that we can’t comprehend with our limited knowledge, and maybe that is best so that we can be present here on earth while we are alive.

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