A Simple Little Art Therapy Session

A Simple Little Art Therapy Session

I have been under an enormous amount of stress lately, financially as well as in my career. I am trying to eat right and get enough sleep, but I find myself short on time. Even when I have an hour or so, I find myself just mindlessly watching TV or movies or scrolling through social media. Neither of which really relaxes me. I love to write, but I am in final edits of my last book, and the pressure to find an agent for it is weighing heavily on me with a couple of rejections already received, so even that does not give me the relaxation I need. Today, I just decided to stay in my pajamas and find a way to rest a little before working on homework for a class that I am taking and starting on my book edits.

It was cold and snowy out this morning so that helped me stay home, but I did find myself watching a movie. I thought about starting a new painting, but I wanted something that I could complete in one day so I decided to just color a little. I pulled out my colored pencils, markers and some coloring books with inspirational quotes and cool designs to choose from. I choose a quote that spoke to my current mood and now a short time later, I do indeed feel relaxed from a simple little art therapy session. Albert Einstein said, "Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them." It's not my best work, but I love the quote. I know how important these tiny acts of self-care and rest are for me, so I should do them more often. Maybe tomorrow, I will bundle up and go for a walk in nature.

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