The Stories I Never Tell

The Stories I Never Tell

September’s Blogapalooza challenge is to write about a story you’ve never told to anyone. Is this topic inspired by recent political events? Do we all have secrets and stories that we keep to ourselves? Does not telling a secret mean it is not true?

Not telling absolutely does not mean that it did not happen, and it certainly does not mean that it did not hurt. Not all people will keep your secrets for you even though they are not theirs to tell, and others may do worse with the secrets you tell them. I once thought that two people who love each other would share all of their hurts and pains with one another. I imagined a love so strong that we would share those secrets, and help one another heal those broken places. Instead when I have told my stories to others, they have used that knowledge to hurt me so I have learned to keep these secrets to myself and to God. I often use real events from my life in my books, but I just change some details and add a little imagination. Instead of spilling my secrets with others, that is how I cope and process the stories of my life. Now that secret is out. People say that love requires trust, but trust also requires love, a true love.

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