The End or just the beginning?

The End or just the beginning?

After years of writing and revisions, I am done with my third book.

Suppression is… A futuristic novel set in 2135. Twenty-four year old Peyton lives with her parents and her brother, Parker, in one of the few civilizations remaining and thriving in what is left of America after everything and everyone was almost obliterated by war. She is growing up during a period of time when humankind is making major advances in communicating with one another and even traveling through thought. When she meets Dallas, an artist, she begins to discover truths about life that surprise her, and she has to choose between the predictable life that she has planned or take a risk and choose the unknown.

The story begins… We were taught that after the war, the surviving people could not see the sun or the blue sky for many months. As time passed without a change, they began to believe that somehow the bombs were able to reach into the atmosphere and destroy the sun, as well as the cities. But of course, intellect knew that was not possible since the sky still experienced periods of lightness as well as darkness. The researchers understood that the sky, the sun and even the clouds were somewhere behind this layer of war. Eventually, as time passed, they saw little breaks in this covering, enabling them to see glimpses of color, until one day the whole layer of destruction was gone and the sky was visible once again.

     The sky is cloudy, and there is a slight chill in the air as these last two days replay in my mind as my mother, father, brother and I walk around Apta. Last night as I stared at the gray envelope with the dark red ink in my hand, I turned it over and over looking at the front and at the back for any marking that I might have missed, as I have done, every day since it arrived. It was delivered one week ago to everyone over the age of sixteen. On the front of the envelope was printed simply:

Peyton Milner

100 Year Celebration of World Unification

Do not open until July 1, 2135

When instructed via OneWeb

   I was not sure how we would know when to open it, but my parents had explained that it usually stated a time to watch the OneWeb when we received letters like this in the past. We have been told that eventually the WGO, or World Guideline Organization, will be able to send messages like this to everyone through thought at the same time, but until that day, the leaders have communicated group messages through letters like this, as well as through formal presentations on the OneWeb. When the war ended in 2034, those that still had access to a computer received the news that the war was over and that people could come out of hiding. It wasn’t until 2035 that the leaders, or the ones that we call Mentors, united together and created the WGO, so we count our unification from that day in July...

I already have my next book started in my thoughts although I know I must find a path for this one first. Follow my journey here to see what happens next.

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