Some habits are hard to break.

screen-shot-2018-03-14-at-1-09-40-pmIt all started on Ash Wednesday for me, beginning the 40 days of Lent before Good Friday and Easter when I went to church to get ashes. Even though, I no longer follow most of the components of the Catholic faith, some habits are hard to break. Over the years, I have not lost my faith. My belief in God has stayed strong, but I have definitely strayed from my religion. I was raised Catholic and raised my daughters in that faith, but I have been searching for somewhere that I fit in for as long as I can remember. I am beginning to realize that maybe I will never find a church that I agree with 100%, so maybe I should stick with what I know.

I decided that out of habit, I should give something up for lent. Because instead of just sacrifice, I want to get more out of my Lenten journey, so I gave up complaining instead of my usual coffee or candy. It is more difficult that I imagined. I was not even aware how often I protest, grumble and whine. This showed me that I really do need to change this behavior even after Easter has come and gone. No matter what faith or belief system you follow, spend some time, at any time of year, changing a habit that you don’t like. Just like letting go of traditions of faith are difficult, so is letting go of bad habits.

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