Restaurant Review: Nando’s

Restaurant Review: Nando’s

What restaurant did I go to? Nando’s Peri-Peri Chicken

How did I hear about it? My daughter ate there when she studied abroad in London. She kept talking about it until they opened a restaurant here.

When did I go there and where is it located? I went for lunch Saturday to Old Orchard Mall location in Skokie, Illinois although there are twelve in Illinois.

Favorite food item: French fries are my favorite item. I love to dip them into their perinaise sauce (Peri-Peri mayo). Their Sangria was good too.

Is there a variety of choices? Yes, but Peri-Peri which is a pepper is the key ingredient. There are salads, vegetarian options, a children’s menu, and more, but I always order the boneless chicken and then add my favorite peri-sauce, which is for me mild and the french fries, of course.

How is the service and the server? You get assigned a table, but place your order at the register. Then your food is delivered to the table. Sometimes there is a wait for a table, but it is usually fairly quick.

 Any negative issues? My only complaint is there is not one closer to where I live. I go to the one in the city or the one at Old Orchard Mall which is quite a drive. Nando’s originated in South Africa in 1987, when they opened the first restaurant.

Would I want to return here? Yes, and I do return as often as I can. It will actually be bad if they open one in Barrington because I would probably go all of the time!

Here is the link if anyone wants to learn more or see their menu and locations:

Enjoy! 3 Stars for great!

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