4 reasons I am going to keep wearing jeans!

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article that stated that women over 50 should stop wearing jeans. I disagree, completely!

I am the one in jeans!

I am the one in jeans!

4 reasons that I will continue to wear jeans:

  1. I love that they have pockets. I am not big on carrying a purse so I need deep pockets to carry my money, ID and cell phone. Most women’s pants have little ones or no pockets in the front.
  2. I love that there are so many different styles. I have some that are more fitted and others that are loose in addition to some that are dark jean, others that are light and some in between. I think they are very comfortable to wear.
  3. They can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what I wear with them. I never feel over dressed or under dressed in them since I can add the right shirt, scarf or jewelry to get the look I want.
  4. The price is right. Jeans are affordable, and it is a sturdy material so they last. I have some jeans that I have been wearing for 10 years; others that are 20 years old that are still are in good shape if I could only fit into them.

Jeans never are out of style no matter what age I am. Maybe I could stop wearing the ones with rips in them now that I am 53, but probably not!

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