I don’t want to be dramatic, but I think I could have died this week

img_4876Wednesday morning started with a simple sore throat. By 8pm, I was in bed all achy with chills and a fever of 100.8. By Thursday, I could barely wake up and couldn’t eat or drink anything. I told my mom and daughter that I just needed to sleep it off to get better. I set my alarm for work the next day, hopeful that I was correct.

By 6am, I knew I was wrong. I realized that I had not drunk more than a few sips of water in 30 hours but since I would barely swallow my own spit, I didn’t care. I think it was around 8am that my mom insisted I get up to go to the hospital. I don’t know how I got clothes on, but I after some weird thoughts during the night, I knew I needed to get help in order to get better.

By time my mom, daughter and I got to the ER, my throat pain was at a 10. After a bag of fluids to rehydrate me and pain meds and steroids to reduce the swelling, my pain level was down to about a 6. Then after the first dose of antibiotics, I still felt weak, achy and nauseous, but my throat at a 4 is a huge improvement.

Photo red goes to Sydney

Photo cred goes to Sydney

While sick I had some deep thoughts that made me realize that I could have died if not for:

  1. People who care about me. It would be so easy to die from something stupid. If I lived alone or my mom and daughter had not pushed me into going today, I truly believe an ambulance was in my future. People who are sick can’t make rational decisions, and need guidance from others.
  2. Access to health insurance. My heart breaks for those without access to health insurance. I had a difficult time just getting out of bed, but if I knew that I didn’t have health insurance and that the financial cost would be an enormous burden on my family, I could not even imagine making that decision.
  3. Access to medication. By Thursday, I knew that I needed antibiotics, but hoped to heal on my own. Some areas in the world do not even have the ability to receive medication, or the money to purchase them.

I am not as strong as I think I am, and sometimes I need help. Today I am grateful for my loved ones, and access to health care and medication.

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