Find the reward in giving

We recently had a group of teenagers visit the school that I work at, and I kept hearing the words, “I want to have a baby.”

I know that I too wanted a baby when I was young, and I ended up having my three children at the ages of 27, 29 and 31 years old. I have never felt like I was too young or too old as a parent, but I did often feel like I wasn’t doing a good job. Sometimes, I still have that fear even though my three daughters are all grown and seem to be doing well. Now I also often hear my own children and others say that they want a dog. My question for others would be “Why? Why do you want a pet? Why do people want a baby? Why do you want a boyfriend or a girlfriend?” Having children or owning a dog like my mother does or even being in love are the most rewarding yet challenging things you will ever do.

giveI had an ah-ha moment when it occurred to me that the only reason anyone should have a baby or get a pet or fall in love, is if they are doing it out of a desire to GIVE. Too often, I see people who want a relationship or a baby or a dog because they are lonely or want to feel loved. What happens when they want to go out instead of spend time with them? What happens if that loneliness passes? If you are in a relationship or you have a child or get a pet out of a desire to receive, you end up taking, not giving. I think that giving is where the true reward is found, not in the taking, so this year I am going to give and then give some more.

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