5 Steps To Reach A Goal

I am in debt, and it is weighing me down like a heavy burden, financially as well as emotionally. I think of myself as responsible, detail oriented, organized and competent, so how did I get myself in this situation? The truth is that it doesn’t matter how I got here except to learn how to not to do it again. All of my hoping and wishing to land a book deal or win the lottery won’t make this debt go away. I realize today that I need to take steps to do it. Just like when I am writing a book, it is overwhelming to say, “I need to write 80,000+ words.” It is also depressing to say, “I need to get out of debt.” Instead, I need a plan and some achievable goals!

screen-shot-2017-11-04-at-2-37-33-pmHere are the 5 steps that I am going to use to reach my goal of being debt-free:

  1. Set small goals. I am going to look closely at my income and expenses to see where I can cut unnecessary spending and determine exactly how much I can pay off of my debt each month. This might be the hardest step, but I want to be realistic in setting these. I know that I can not pay off more than I make in one month, just like I can't lose ten pounds in one week.
  2. Reach each goal. Make these a priority and determine what happens if I don’t achieve them and try to understand the reason if I don’t achieve them. Ensure that I am not giving myself immediate gratification instead of long term overall happiness.
  3. Believe that I can do it. Once I set achievable goals, know that I can do achieve each small one as well as the overall large goal. Sometimes I sabotage my own efforts by negative thinking. I will reflect on other times that I set goals and achieved it. I will also read other people’s inspirational stories.
  4. Celebrate each success. Whenever I achieve a goal, I will recognize it and tell someone. I will feel proud of myself for reaching it, and maybe treat myself to something that doesn't sabotage my goals like a day of reading in my pajamas.
  5. Keep moving forward. As I achieve each little goal, I want to ensure that I stay on track and keep moving forward toward my final overall goal of being out of debt. I won’t increase these goals, if they are working, unless I really and truly under-challenged myself and can do more so that I continue to have success.

These are steps that I will take with getting out of debt, in my writing, in my career, in being healthy and really in all areas of my life. I will update you on my success of getting out of debt. Join me on your own goal setting; I would love to hear if this helps others.

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