Have you ever wondered about law school?

When I was 21, I entertained the idea of attending law school. It wasn’t a thought lead by passion, but more just an area that interested me. After graduating from college, I ended up working in social work with teenage girls in crisis, and once gain considered looking into law school to help troubled teens. I never did go, but now one of my daughters has decided to pursue that path. Morgan is currently in her second year, so I decided to ask her some questions regarding her experience. I am a proud mother, so I hope you too enjoy learning about her experience and thoughts.

Tell us a little about your law school experience: I am a 2L, or second-year law student, at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. I decided while I was an undergraduate student at DePaul that I wanted to go to law school after graduating. At DePaul, I studied management with a concentration in entrepreneurship. I really enjoyed the possibility of a career where I could invent new things or develop new ideas that would help people. Eventually, in my study of business, I took a course in Law & Economics. This course helped me realized the immense power lawyers have to affect change and help others. I knew I wanted to study law so that I could use intellect and problem solving to do just that.

morganWhat is your favorite thing about law school? My favorite part about law school is being on the path toward a career I am genuinely excited about. Law school is great because everything is geared toward one specific job: being a lawyer. It is a different approach to school than anything I’ve ever experienced. I have also really enjoyed all of the opportunities for leadership in student organizations and developing legal skills outside of the classroom through things such as law review.

What is your least favorite thing about law school? It can be extremely time consuming. Reminding myself I get to be a lawyer once this is all over keeps me motivated though.

What do you plan on doing once you are done? I would like to work for a midsize law firm or the government when I graduate.

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