Change begins with us

"Humanity is just a work in progress."

-Tennessee Williams

screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-10-26-50-pmI read the newspaper; I see the news on TV, and I hear what is happening in the world around me. I am often shocked and disheartened by much of what I hear and see, but I am an optimist by nature. I believe in the best from others; I believe that the world is a great place to live; I believe in mankind.

Although I have experienced and witnessed sadness as well as evil, in my own life as well as the lives of others firsthand, I am still full of hope. For every story I read or hear, I notice one of people helping. There are so many organizations and people working to make this a better world to live in, to help others and to make a difference.

We can each improve ourselves individually, but what about betterment as a whole? Can we improve and grow as all of mankind, all of humanity? I donate money to what I deem good causes as well as I have my area of women and children in need that I donate my time to, but what else can I do?

If I want the world to become a better place, I know that I cannot just pass the buck. Changes in our world begin with each of us, and that includes me.

All through my day, no matter where I go, or what I do, I am always looking for the good. I try to find the good in people, in the world, in my life or even just in my day.

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