Why I write and write and write

The question was posed What's the favorite thing you've ever written and explain why you feel this way.”

Writing Suppression :)

Writing Suppression :)

There has never been a time that I was not writing. I started out as a young girl creating short stories as well as lengthy diary entries describing my day and my thoughts about the world around me. Many of the later journals were instrumental in achieving the exact thoughts and feelings that characters in my books would experience in similar situations.

My first book Fun4Babies grew out of the question “What do you teach an infant?” that I received whenever I told people that I was an infant teacher. It was a non-fiction book about activities that you would implement with an infant either as a teacher, as a parent or as any caregiver. I loved publishing this book since I had worked as an infant teacher for twelve years at that point, and was able to have book signings and attend Author Fairs.

Then I decided to challenge myself and write a blog post every day for one year at http://susanmarieschulhof.blogspot.com. This task proved to be immeasurably more difficult than I anticipated, but I learned so much about being faithful to writing daily. This blog was also instrumental in growing my social media presence. Until that point, I was an occasional Facebook reader. I opened and posted on many avenues, and learned so much.

My books

My books

While I loved writing and publishing my first fiction book called Riding Waves, about a young girl navigating the waves of growing up, heading to college and having her first boyfriend, my favorite thing that I have ever written is what I am writing right now.

Life may not be perfect in my 2135 novel, but there is hope in the future. I wake up each day with new thoughts and ideas that I cannot wait to include in Suppression.

I often wonder if I found out that I would never write a best seller or make any significant money from writing, would I continue? The answer is yes because I know that it is good to create and to express myself.

All through my day, no matter where I go, or what I do, I am always looking for the good. I try to find the good in people, in the world, in my life or even just in my day.

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