The liberal "War on Christmas"

About 10 years ago I started hearing right wing talk radio hosts complain about liberals starting a "War On Christmas". They based their accusation on the fact that many retailers were removing the "Merry Christmas" signs in store fronts and replacing them with "Happy Holidays". The self described conservative "entertainers" claimed this was an affront to Christianity and must be stopped. I investigated this issue by going to both Target and Wal Mart stores and speaking with a few assistant managers. This comment from the Target manager is almost verbatim: "We have a broad customer base, many Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, etc., but we simply do not have the time or space to wish every group a separate Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Kwanza or whatever. So to be all-inclusive and efficient we just say 'Happy Holidays'". Makes sense to me. But instead of seeing the situation for what it was, republicans chose to manipulate reality for political gain and attack liberals as Christian haters or similar. It is pure nonsense but this is what republicans do. They make up issues to rally the ignorant base and it usually works rather well. Witness Sarah Palin's made up "death panels" as another example.

Now every year starting in November sometime, the right wing media led by Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Levin and dozens of other conservative manipulators have shows discussing how liberals hate Christians (even though most liberals ARE Christians) and are waging a War On Christmas. A blatant lie? Yes. Absurd? Of course. But this is modern conservatism at its finest.

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  • The "Independent Payment Advisory Board" is the death panel of the Affordable Health Care Act. Some liberals, such as Howard Dean are now opposing it. It's not like this is some new concept promoted by the Left given the policies currently put in place by the European Left.

    Truth is not an important concept to liberals, so they resort to mockery and demonization opponents entertainers who rally up an ignorant base. Public recognition of Christmas is being banned by liberal activists. Any mention of the Christmas, which is a federal holiday after all, is banned at many schools based upon law suits by liberals. The only reason there is a major shopping season is Christmas, but even the word "Christmas Tree" is banned and replaced with "Holiday Tree" due to pressure by liberals.

    My local supermarket chains include in their ads big displays "Happy Hannukah" and advertise foods for celebrating the holiday. Why should that bother me just because me and about 97% of the people in my area don't celebrate Hannukah? However, the word "Christmas" is replaced with "Holiday Dinner" for the week including Dec. 25.

    Your coarse mockery and projection upon others of your denial of reality is unwarranted.

    I suggest you include people such as Thomas Sowell on you reading list. It is good to read people with who you disagree. Perhaps you would grow to be less rude and condenscending with your commentary.

    I'm sure liberals have good intentions, trying to be more inclusive by fighting the word Christmas. Yet there is a culturwhen a retailer can put up signs

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