Do you believe that private business transactions between two consenting adults should be legal? If so, you should be for the legalization of prostitution.

Before I proceed, no one, including myself, is advocating that all prostitution be legal. No one wants 15 year old girls on the street servicing old men from the suburbs in their SUV's. No, what makes sense is legalized, regulated and taxed prostitution businesses. I know conservative, puritanical people are adamantly against this but why? Think outside the box for a moment. Prostitution is the oldest form of employment and is not going away. Keeping it illegal will not make it disappear. It just forces it into the shadows and creates an underground criminal economy (sort of like making abortion illegal). Recall the prohibition of alcohol? How did that work out? Ever heard of Al Capone and Bugs Moran? How many people died and how much tax money was wasted enforcing the anti-liberty 18th Amendment? Thanks for nothing Mr Hoover.

Legalizing, regulating and taxing prostitution makes realistic, logical sense. It would get most women off the streets which everyone would agree is a good thing. Proper regulation would ensure the women (or men, be that as it may) were required to use condoms and have monthly STD tests to ensure safety. And of course the profits would be taxed thus increasing local revenue to be used for streets, sanitation, schools of whatever else the citizens decide is appropriate. Like legalizing marijuana, it is another win-win situation. There are no down sides. Did I mention how police would not have to waste their time and tax payer money arresting people for engaging in this private, adult business transaction? They could use this new found time to stop real crimes that actually hurt people. Again, there is no down side here. Reference the following link re alcohol prohibition... think about how it relates to the prohibition of prostitution.

If you are a pro-business republican you should be all for this. If you are not, you are once again illustrating your conservative hypocrisy. You can't have it both ways.

Legalize. Regulate. Tax.

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