Conservatives have two primary goals:

The vast majority (but not all) of conservative public policies seek to achieve one of two goals:

1) Make money and protect the wealth of rich people and big corporations.

2) Force Christianity onto everyone via public policy

You may think that this is stereotyping republicans and I understand that, because it is, but it is logical stereotyping based on reality and therefore should not be dismissed out of hand. Think carefully about my assertion. If you objectively examine the policies embraced by the right you will almost always find the motive to get legislation passed, or blocked, comes back to either money or religion. I will give you two quick and dirty examples:

First, climate change. The worldwide scientific consensus is that the earth is warming and it is being caused by human activity, i.e., from the burning of massive amounts of fossil fuels that has been going on since the industrial revolution began in the early 20th century. It is spoken of as fact everyday in newspapers and journals like the USAToday and Scientific American. But conservatives from Rush Limbaugh to Senator James Inhofe constantly state that this is nonsense, that it is just a worldwide liberal hoax. Their rationale? They claim that thousands of scientists around the world are in cahoots, lying about the science so they can get grant monies. They also feel that governments support these PhD liars so they can get more revenue via cap and trade policies. Sounds absurd doesn't it? It should, because it is. There is no evidence whatsoever to support this position. It is just an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that verges on delusion.

So we have to ask ourselves a question: why do conservatives take such an anti-science, anti-reality position? It is quite simple actually. If they accept climate change, as the rest of the world already has, fossil fuel companies that are in the back pockets of republican politicians (and vice versa) will be forced to get clean and getting clean costs money, at least in the short term. It follows that the profit margins of companies like ExxonMobil will be negatively effected. More than likely that decrease in profits would be passed on to customers via higher energy costs. Hence, republicans deny the reality of climate change to protect their wallets and the profits of large corporations. The long term quality of our environment, the environment that our kids and grand kids will inherit, suffers from their greed, but republicans don't care. Their primary concern is their money and they will do anything to protect it. Goal # 1.

Second, evolution. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 99% of the worlds biologists consider evolutionary theory to be factual. But many conservatives doubt the scientists. But why? Who in their right mind doubts evolutionary biology? Powerful religious conservatives like Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, among others, that's who. They believe the story of Genesis as described in the Old Testament. That story states that God created both earth and man in six days and implies it happened about 6000 years ago. Thus, if they accept evolution, along with related sciences which date the earth at about 4.5 billion years and man at about 4.4 million respectively, one of the primary pillars of their religion must be bogus. That would be heresy and not acceptable to them, so they deny the reality of evolution. They say "it's just a theory", refusing to acknowledge that this is a scientific theory (empirically based, checked and re-checked, peer reviewed) that we are talking about here. It is not the more conventionally understood laypersons definition, such as when we might say "I have a theory the Cubs will win the World Series this year". Big difference. You get the point.

Conservatives use this obtuse, illogical thought process to deny evolutionary science. Adding insult to injury, they push the teaching of religious creationism, aka intelligent design, into public school science classrooms. Their rationale (excuse) for this is "we just want to ensure our kids have access to all the information so they can make an informed decision on their own". Really? Since when do we allow our kids to make decisions "on their own" regarding science? The reality is that they seek to crush science because the very essense of it is contrary to their religious tenets.

This is one of the many positions they take in an attempt to force Christianity onto others via public policy. Goal # 2.

Those are two examples but there are dozens, if not hundreds, more.

Before we move on let us be clear, I am not saying every single conservative idea is based on these two goals but the fact is most are. The next time a republican takes a stand on a particular issue use your deductive logic and dig into his or her argument. Take your time and think about it. You will see what I'm talking about. For them, it's all about money and God. Everything else is either secondary or irrelevant. THINK.

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  • To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen: I am a conservative and you don't know conservatives. There are simply too many unfair and inaccurate stereotypes in your post to even try to respond.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Thanks for your comment Dennis. Obviously my opinion is just that. However, it is based on many years (over 20) of both personal experience and study of politics. Of course, there are no absolutes. I understand that not all conservatives have the two primary goals as I describe. However, most that I have experienced do, especially the powerful ones, ie, the ones who influence the republican party and shape policy. If you disagree please tell me why, specifically, and provide examples to back up your assertions. No offense but simply stating that there are too many inaccurate stereotypes for you to respond is a cop out I have heard a thousand times over. Translation: "I have no legitimate factual response to counter your arguments so I will just say nothing and walk away". Weak my friend, very weak.

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