Conservatives against gay rights

Conservatives are against most gay rights:

Conservatives adamantly oppose rights for gay and lesbian people. Their position is based, not surprisingly, on their religion. They constantly talk about the bible and how it clearly says being gay is an "abomination". I have also heard conservatives describe homosexuals as "abominations", "pedophiles", "deviants", "disgusting", "perverts", "anti-God" among other hateful descriptions. Their negativity toward the gay population seems to have no bounds.

Military service: When democratic President Obama finally got the institutionalized bigotry of DADT (Don't Ask Don't Tell) removed from the military conservatives predicted horrible consequences from gay soldiers molesting straight soldiers in the showers to fights in foxholes. None of this occurred of course which revealed how the narrow-minded paranoia embraced by the right was misplaced. Naturally, most republican politicians are now calling the repeal a big mistake (why, no one knows, since nothing bad happened) and that we need to reinstate DADT so that the military can once again dishonorably discharge openly gay soldiers. The fact that this is illogical, immoral and costs taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in training and recruitment costs evidently is irrelevant to those who cling to bigotry.

Gay marriage: It is well know that conservatives adamantly oppose it. Once again their position is not based on logic or reason but on religious grounds such as the biblical quote "man shall not lie with another man". As many conservatives will say: "it's just not right. It's just not normal. What's next? people marrying goats?". Yes, I have heard this kind of condescending comment thousands of times on blogs. The nonsense "slippery slope" argument is a frequent fallback for bigots who are against equal rights. They said the same thing when inter-racial marriage, which was condemned by conservatives, was the hot topic.

Today, DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) is strongly supported by conservative leaders who hope to amend the US Constitution to make homosexual marriage illegal. Yes, the want to amend our founding document to allow bigotry. What a sad situation indeed. Why do they believe allowing Steve and Jim or Sue and Anna to marry will cause problems for our society or "degrade the sanctity of marriage"? It is an absurd hypothesis. In fact, from a logical standpoint, allowing all loving couples to marry will enhance our society by bringing people together in a lifelong bond of commitment.

All people deserve equal rights and in this case people deserve the right to marry the person with whom they are in love. Now all we need is for narrow-minded conservatives to get out of the way.

Having children via adoption or surrogacy: Conservatives are very much against homosexual couples raising children. They think that bringing up a child with two dads or two moms will somehow cause the child emotional harm. In reality, there is zero evidence to support this conclusion. None. What sociologists have actually found is that children do poorly in one parent households. Further, that it is most important that a child be brought up with two loving parents with the sex of the parents being irrelevant. Unfortunately, the narrow-mindedness of conservatives blinds them to this reality.

With regard to workplace rules, conservatives are against all laws that would protect a gay or lesbian person from being fired or otherwise discriminated against because of his or her sexual orientation.

I will end this section by pointing out the most deluded portion of conservative thought regarding homosexuals: Conservatives actually believe that gay and lesbian people choose to be gay or lesbian! Every time I think of this I have to laugh at the absurdity of the notion. Who in the world would "choose' to be emotionally and physically abused their entire lives?

I have two best friends who are gay and have associated with thousands of gay people throughout my life and do you know how many gay people I have heard say they choose to be gay? Exactly zero. In fact, I have heard many tell the story of when they realized they were gay at around 13 years of age, about the same time the rest of us realize who we are attracted to. Homosexuals are born that way. Being gay has nothing to do with childhood abuse or divorced parents. However, conservatives refuse to accept this reality because it is against their religion. They will say "God created all men and he would never create a homosexual because it is against His design". This is how they legitimize their bigotry. As long as they say gay people choose to be gay, they say, it is ok to bash them and/or deny them equal rights. Sigh...

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  • I guess you could say I am a conservative, at least a fiscal conservative. I see no reason why gays can't marry. I have to admit I am puzzled why on earth they would want the burden and expense of divorce, but, so be it.

    The thought of 2 men or 2 women marrying is less offensive to me than Anna Nicole Smith marrying that old codger or Hugh Hefner getting married to that young thing he recently married. I suppose we can chalk it up to senility. As for the young girls, I didn't realize dementia set in at such an early age.

    Marriage is a legal contract. The church is free to have their views. The state is free to have their views. Not sure if this issue is best and fastest handled by the states or the federal government. I would prefer the states do the heavy lifting.

    I would like to keep the federal government out of the bedroom. After all, I keep my wallet there. Any time the government gets close to my wallet I get nervous. But that is only because I think I should get to determine how I spend my hard earned cash. If I want to spend my hard earned cash giving it as a wedding gift to a gay couple, I think I should have that right.

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