Two Thumbs Up for Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert


Today we were all saddened by the news of Roger Ebert's passing. His battle with cancer has been well documented, well publicized, and Ebert always kept his fans in the loop about what he was going through. You have to admire him for that because most people choose to deal with such issues privately.

My sincere condolences go out to his family and friends, especially his wife. I can sympathize with what they are going through because I have also lost loved ones to terminal illnesses in recent years. As an every day person, I look to Roger as an inspiration. He was pioneer of sorts. Watching him on television with Gene Siskel as a child was one of the things that caught my interest in the business.

As a journalist and writer, I have all of the respect in the world for Roger Ebert. He was the first movie critic to win a Pulitzer Price, the highest award any writer could receive. Now I don't consider myself a movie expert what so ever. I'm a conventional movie goer and I am picky about the type of films I watch.

But reading Roger's reviews and watching his reviews on television when I was younger, always gave me a deep appreciation for the film industry. Even though I can name countless films that I don't like, Roger Ebert made me understand the type of effort and hard work that goes into the production of any film.

Roger Ebert taught me that you don't always need special effects, CGI, and a big budget to make a quality movie. There were also times where I didn't agree with Mr. Ebert, he has given negative reviews to many of my favorite movies. But I did respect him for not being afraid to speak his mind about it.

The world lost one of the best in the business and there is no way he could ever be truly replaced. I'd like to think that Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel are reunited now and they are giving movie reviews in Heaven.

May you rest in peace Roger Ebert. And may those close to you find peace in the fact that you are no longer suffering. You are in my prayers and you will always get Two Thumbs Up in my book.

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