Unhappy New Year

Unhappy New Year

After hours of anticipation following elimination from playoff contention, the Bears nation had been anxiously awaiting an announcement regarding the future of head coach Lovie Smith.

Rumors, speculation, and fan's voices have been saying for weeks that Lovie Smith could be fired. Today that sentiment turned out to be true. After nine seasons of coaching the NFL's first franchise, the Bears organization has chosen to part ways with Smith.

So now the question is where to the Bears go from here? Many are wondering who the next head coach will be. Names are being thrown around left and right, so I will sort out the list of potential candidates to replace Lovie Smith:

The biggest names being mentioned are Jon Gruden and Bill Cohwer. Jon Gruden had some decent years with Oakland and won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay.

I don't think that Gruden will return to coaching any time soon. He has turned down every offer than has been thrown his way over the last couple years. Recently he turned down an offer to coach at the University of Tennessee. I think that Gruden loves being in the broadcast booth at the moment.

Bill Cohwer is one of the greatest coaches of all-time. But I believe that he also loves his current broadcasting gig. Cohwer has stated time and again that since his departure from coaching, he has more time to spend with his family. I don't think he's ready to give that up yet.

A couple other names on this list include coaches were also fired today. First up is former Chargers coach Norv Turner. Turner has a resume full of NFL coaching experience. But I feel that Turner would be better suited as an offensive coordinator.

Andy Reid was fired as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles earlier today. I think he is the best candidate for any team at this point in time. The only question regarding Reid is how much money would the Bears be willing to pay him?

Indianapolis Colts assistant head coach Bruce Arians is another big name being tossed around. He is known for developing quarterbacks, just ask Andrew Luck and Ben Rothlesberger. He also kept the Colts in contention when head coach Chuck Pagano was undergoing treatment for leukemia during the season.

I think that the Bears best option is to bring in an offensive minded coach. The Bears still have some play makers on defense, although the future of Brian Urlacher is unclear at this point.

The offense is where the Bears found their greatest struggles in 2012. Bringing in a coach who specializes in scoring points could be the turn around that his franchise needs.

For now we just have be patient and wait.

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