BREAKING NEWS: The NFL and it's referees have reached an agreement.

BREAKING NEWS: The NFL and it's referees have reached an agreement.

Let's be honest, we all knew that these replacement referees weren't that great from the start. Initially, we all hoped that they would work out the kinks after the preseason.

But as we've seen just three weeks into the season, these guys just didn't seem to get it. When the NFL Officials went on strike during the 1998 season, things weren't so bad.

At that time, the replacement officials were guys from the Arena Football League, Canadian Football League, and NCAA Division 1. They were brought in from credible leagues.

This time around, they used guys who were FIRED from the Lingerie Football League, retired referees, college referees who didn't get any higher than division two, and rumor has it there were even some high school zebras in the mix.

Clearly, most of these guys didn't have the experience or training to adapt to the complex world that is the National Football League.

I don't want to completely blame NFL Commissioner Roger Godell, but whoever scouted this years replacements should be fired.

Ever since the preseason these men have blown one call after another. They constantly made mistakes, and they let the players and coaches walk all over them.

Monday night's disaster of an ending was the final straw for ALL NFL players, coaches, and fans, not just the Packers. You know you've had a bad day when athletes from other sports, journalists, and even Hollywood celebrities know the rules of the game instead of the people being paid to enforce those rules.

After the chaos that insued after the Seahawks/Packers game, a worldwide call was made to get the league and it's unionized officials back to the table.

An even bigger call was made to Roger Godell. Especially after a Facebook page allegedly belonging to Green Bay Linebacker Clay Matthews {Sources say that it was a fake page} put Commissioner Godell's office number for the world to see.

I called the number myself and it turned out to be legit. Although it was never stated as to how many people actually called the number and left messages, it was apparently enough to get both sides to bargain again.

So, with that being said I have good news for all NFL fans...... The NFL and the NFL Officials have agreed to a deal ending their lockout. It's being said that the regular officials could possibly work the game tonight between Cleveland and Baltimore.

Here is all of the details straight from the National Football League:

From this point on I can only hope that order will be restored. I can only hope that all of the rules that have been broken repeatedly by both the replacement refs and the NFL's 32 teams will be enforced again.

I can only hope that the NFLRA will stand up to the nonsense that has been transpiring in regards to actions towards officials. The replacement refs either didn't seem to give a damn or they were too scared to stand up for themselves.

I can only hope that the outbursts of violence and aggression that took place during Week 3 will come to a halt. Most importantly, I can only hope that things will return to normal.

Although normal doesn't actually not exist in professional sports, it's always worth a try. Let us pray that the rest of the 2012 NFL season will go on without any further distractions.

Let us also pray that the remainder of the season will be a prosperous one.

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