The Bears are looking for a "safety" net.

The Bears are looking for a "safety" net.

If the ongoing injuries to Major Wright weren't enough of a problem, Bears' safeties Chris Conte and Brandon Hardin joined Wright on the trainers table this week.

Both Conte and Hardin sustained injuries in preseason game No. 2 against the Redskins on Saturday. Conte suffered a shoulder injury during the second quarter and missed the remainder of the game.

Hardin's injury was a little more serious as he was carted off the field on a stretcher. The rookie from Oregon State injured his neck in the third quarter on Saturday night.

It was quite the health scare for the young Hardin, but the good news was that he had feeling in his arms and legs after being carted off of the field.

Hardin is currently listed as day-today, Conte is questionable for this week's preseason game against the New York Giants.

Major Wright will play through his nagging hamstring this week. But now the question is, who's left on the roster now that Hardin and Conte are out of the picture?

The answers are second year player Anthony Walters, and Bears' veteran Craig Steltz. Walters has seen some playing time this preseason, but he has not been fully tested.

The Bears will truly see what he is made of when they head to the Big Apple on Friday night. Steltz has been an active member of the Bears roster since 2008.

While Steltz has always been a contributor on special teams, his pass defense has always been questionable at best. Steltz was drafted out of LSU and was high prospect coming out of the college ranks.

So far he has not completely lived up to his full potential. But somehow he has managed to keep his position with the Bears.

I hope that somehow Chris Conte and Brandon Hardin will be divinely healed in time for Friday's matchup with the New York Giants.

This will be preseason game number three, it is expected that the starters will play well into the third quarter. That means that the Bears will get a very good look at Eli Manning and his army of wide receivers.

If the Bears have no choice but to start Walters and Steltz then these two guys need to give their best performances ever.

Because if Eli Manning can reign down with his air attack, it will be a very long night for the Bears defense. To try and boost the safety position {at least for the moment}, the Bears signed free agent Mark LeGree {pictured above}.

In order to make room for him on the roster the Bears cut linebacker Ronnie Thornton. LeGree was recently cut by San Francisco.

LeGree has never played in an NFL regular season game, he has been a career practice squad player. LeGree was a fifth round draft pick by Seattle last year. He was cut after the preseason and spent the rest of 2011 on the practice squad's for Arizona, San Francisco, and the New York Jets.

He was signed earlier this year by the 49ers but was released over the weekend. This second year player from Appalachian State has yet to prove himself in the National Football League.

Which is another reason why I am worried about going up against the defending Super Bowl champions later this week.

So this week we will truly find out what this Bears' defensive backfield is made of. Let us all pray and hope for the best.

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