Is Chad Johnson's Career In Jeopardy?

Is Chad Johnson's Career In Jeopardy?

Perhaps the answer is yes. Over the weekend the controversial wide receiver was arrested on accusations that he assaulted his wife, Evelyn. According to Mrs. Johnson, the man who once called himself "Ochocinco" head-butted her after an argument while driving to their Davie, Florida home.

He was released from jail today after posting a $2,500 bond, and was subsequently cut from the Miami Dolphins. There is no secret that Johnson has been a "poster boy"  at times of negativity for the National Football League.

Chad Johnson has been an NFL player since 2001. He was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals out of Oregon State, but didn't start making an impact in the league until 2003.

Between 2003 and 2010, No. 85 has created quite the personality for himself. From changing his last name from Johnson to "Ochocinco", to his frequent demands to be traded, and voicing his displeasure for Bengals management, Johnson has always found a way to get the attention of the media.

His personal life has also been well documented. Before his current marriage, Johnson has had quite the list of women in his life. He has four children by three different women. As documented in a 2008 episode of ESPN's E:60, when Johnson was still a member of the Bengals he would fly in his children and their mothers during the season.

He would bring them in during the bye week between the end of the preseason and the start of the regular season. He would do so again during the regular season bye week. All three women in that episode stated that while Johnson always provides for his kids, he doesn't make the effort to spend time with them.

In 2010, VH1 gave Johnson his own reality dating show in which the winner would become his "Ultimate Catch". Aspiring Model/Singer Rubi Pazmino won the contest, but it is unknown as to what became of their relationship. Shortly afterwards he began dating Evelyn.

Later that year Johnson would propose to her. He also tried one last time to create a winning team in Cincinnati. His friend, the just as controversial Terrell Owens, was brought in to help the Bengals reach the Super Bowl.

But the two headed monster would eventually fail as Owens sustained a season ending knee injury, and Johnson's numbers significantly declined. After the 2010 season ended, Johnson would finally get his wish to leave Cincinnati. The Bengals reached their breaking point with Mr. Johnson's antics and released him.

The New England Patriots brought Johnson in for the 2011 season. Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and company thought that Johnson would fit in perfectly to help them get back to the Super Bowl. While the Patriots did reach the big game last season, Johnson had nothing to do with teams success.

In 15 games with the Patriots, Johnson only caught 15 passes for only 276 yards and one lousy touchdown.  He only had one catch during last season's Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants. Johnson was released soon after and at one point it looked like his career was over.

Just before his wedding day, Johnson reinstated his last name and finally got rid of "Ochocinco". Shortly afterwards he was signed by the Miami Dolphins. The 2012 Miami Dolphins are the subject of the current season of HBO's "Hard Knocks", the documentary series which follows NFL teams during training camp.

Johnson was featured prominently in this seasons first episode. There were also numerous segments involving his wife. In regards to football, Johnson said that changing his name to "Ochocinco" caused him to "lose sight of what was important."  It seemed like he was finally starting to see the error of his ways.

He also said he wanted "reconnect with himself", and during the first practice it seems as if he was headed in that direction. Now during the segments with Evelyn Johnson, the couple seemed less the cordial with one another.

Especially when Evelyn told the unflattering story of how they met. When I saw this unfolding, I figured it was either a dark sense of humor or just the two of them showing off for the cameras.

But once the news of Johnson's arrest came to light, I started to wonder if what I saw on "Hard Knocks" was an indicator 0f h0w they actually get along at home.

Before the episode ended, Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin said that he had a zero-tolerance policy for misbehavior. He had told Johnson directly that he didn't appreciate his frequent use of profanity and asked him to stop.

Johnson obliged and all seemed well afterwards. So now here's where we stand. Johnson was arrested and charged with domestic battery over the weekend and as a result the Dolphins cut the wide receiver.

Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby voiced his displeasure with the organization's decision. He thought that Johnson would be a huge piece to the Dolphins 2012 puzzle.

Even though Johnson has yet to set foot in a court room on this charge, I support the Dolphins decision to release him. In America you are innocent until proven guilty, but think about this....

If the Dolphins were to keep Johnson, the locker room would be a media frenzy. I'm sure all of the players, including Karlos Dansby, would get tired of answering questions about the troubled wide receiver.

And of course Chad Johnson himself would most certainly get tired of answering questions like "What really happened that night?", "Do you wish you can go back and change what happened?", and "Are you and your wife going to divorce?"

It would become both an annoyance and a distraction in the Dolphins locker room. And with the Dolphins trying to re-energize a franchise back into the playoffs, distractions are the last thing that this team needs.

Regardless of whether or not Chad Johnson beats these charges, it seems highly doubtful that an NFL team will sign him anytime soon. With his past reputation, his recent arrest, and his less than stellar play the previous two seasons, taking a chance on Johnson is a tough sell at this point.

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