The "Bench Mob" is falling apart.......

The "Bench Mob" is falling apart.......

I'd hate to say it but after looking back and seeing what's transpiring now, perhaps the injuries to Derrick Rose and Luol Deng were omens for the future. Rose won't be back until at least December, the Bulls are looking to trade Luol Deng, and they drafted Marquis Teague to essentially take Rose's spot until he is cleared to play. Last week Omer Asik agreed in principle to an offer sheet from Houston. If you may recall, the Rockets proposed a trade for Asik two years ago but it fell through.
Asik  can officially sign his offer sheet today then the Bulls would have three days to match it. But  the buzz out of the Berto Center is that the Bulls will simply just part ways with Asik. Then over the weekend they brought back Guard Kirk Heinrich who was originally drafted by the Bulls in 2003. Then yesterday they announced that they will not be picking up the options on Guards C.J. Watson and Ronnie Brewer.
Now there is talk that the Bulls are considering to let Kyle Korver go by not picking up his option. The Bulls have until Sunday to decide Korver's fate.  I'm not too disappointed about the departure of Ronnie Brewer. But I believe that letting go of Watson is a bad idea. Watson may not be as dynamic as Derrick Rose, but he did just enough to keep the Bulls going during Rose's many stints on the injured list last season.
I was never really a fan of Kirk Heinrich, I was actually glad when the Bulls let him go. He can occasionally hit a good jumpshot, but he's otherwise useless beyond that. Asik was decent but I always felt the Bulls good to better, I wish Kurt Thomas was still here. I won't mind Luol Deng leaving as long as the Bulls can replace him a another small forward that will make an impact right off the bat. Perhaps bringing in Paul Pierce would be a good idea.
But the biggest mistake would be to let go of Kyle Korver. Korver is one of the few reliable swingmen in the NBA now a days. Korver can be used as either a shooting guard or a small forward. His clutch shots are second to none. The Bulls would be committing a great injustice by letting go of Kyle Korver. I really hope that the Bulls aren't trying to "rebuild". I understand that the previous two seasons of playoff disappointments have left more questions then answers.
And sure you could move around some of the pieces to the puzzle. But to dismantle this team seems a little drastic to me. I understand that Rose's torn ACL is serious, and I understand that Luol Deng's wrist has caused problems as well. But that shouldn't mean that Gar Forman should raise the white flag and have a fire sale of sorts. I still think the Bulls could be a decent 3rd or 4th seeded team next season.
But if they are to remain in contention they need to keep Kyle Korver in the mix, he's too valuable in my opinion. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the Bulls do next.

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