Despite the fact that Danny Garcia is an undefeated, high ranking Junior Welterweight, he was very much an underdog over the weekend. Initially Garcia VS Amir Khan wasn't supposed to happen. Garcia won a decision over Erik Morales back in March. Khan was supposed to re-match with Lamont Peterson back in May, Peterson won a controversial unanimous decision over Khan back in December. Many including myself felt that Khan won the fight. I scored the fight with Khan winning 8 of 12 rounds, HBO's Harold Lederman scored 7 of 12 for Khan.

The rematch was supposed to take place two weeks after Floyd Mayweather defeated Miguel Cotto. But the fight was cancelled just a few days before hand when it was revealed that Peterson tested positive for steroids. The funny thing is that Peterson refused to grant Khan a rematch without drug testing. So after a seven week training camp Khan was left without an opponent. Amir Khan {in his own words} said he was so anxious to get in one more fight before the Muslim season of Ramadan began. At first it looked like Khan would have to wait until after his religious observance for his next fight.

Timothy Bradley who was on Khan's radar got in the ring with Manny Pacquiao last month. And Khan was not willing to face a random hand picked opponent, he wanted tough competition. 6 weeks before the fight Danny Garcia accepted Khan's open invitation. This was now set to be a unification bout as Garcia was already the WBC Junior Welterweight title holder {which was vacated by Timothy Bradley and awarded to Garcia when he defeated Morales}, and the vacant WBA and Ring Magazine 140 pound belts were also on the line {The WBA belt was vacated by Lamont Peterson after the failed drug test}.

The week of the fight, Danny Garcia's father and trainer Angle Garcia made some very insensitive remarks about Khan's race and religion. This created much controversy, and as a Latino myself I was highly offended by those remarks for the following reasons:

1. He said he was "defending America" by what he said. I guess someone forgot to tell Senor Garcia that racism has never kept this country safe.

2. He said that boxing was a "Hispanic sport". While Latino's have been present in the sport for many years, there have been men of other origins who dominated the sport as well. Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, The Klitscho Brothers, and Ricky Hatton just to name a few.

And 3. Danny Garcia did nothing to refute what he father said. He sat there and watched as his father ran his mouth.

This prompted a very strong response from Amir Khan at the weigh-in the day before the fight, he guaranteed a knockout victory. Despite the negative press this was still expected to be a fight worth watching. Khan was seeking redemption after losing to Lamont Peterson, and Garcia was looking for another big name fighter to as to his list of victories. During the first two rounds Khan landed more punches, showed good defense, and Garcia looked timid. But during the third round the tide changed as Garcia managed to get a solid punch to knock Khan down towards the end of the round.

He finished the round landing more punches than Khan did. When the fourth round started Garcia picked up where he left off. Landing one shot after another, taking Khan out of his game and matching his speed. He would knock Khan down for a second time midway through the round. Khan continued and his legs looked weak but Khan did start to defend himself. But despite Khan's comeback attempts Garcia was relentless in his pursuit of a knockout. With just under two minutes left Khan was knocked down for a third time after a big shot to the back of Khan's right ear.

Khan did struggled to get back up but did manage to get to his feet. After the ensuing standing eight count, Referee Kenny Bayless asked Amir Khan if he wanted to continue. Khan was a little slow to respond and did look somewhat dizzy, but he said he wanted to continue. But despite his insistence Bayless stopped the fight before the fourth round could conclude. When Bayless began to wave his hand signaling a stoppage, Khan immediately began begging Kenny Bayless to let him continue. But his pleas would go ignored and as a result Garcia is now 24-0 {15 KO} and holds the WBA, WBC, and Ring Magazine Junior Welterweight championships. After three rounds I had the fight scored at 28 for both fighters.

If the fourth round had finished I would have had Garcia up 38-35. Khan who now drops to 26-3, has lost two in a row but this was only the second time in his career in which he was knocked out {It was a TKO loss}. And despite the remarks made by Angel Garcia, Danny gave Khan the credit he deserved and praised his skill set. Not sure if he meant it but he still showed good sportsman ship in the end. Garcia has stated that he would like a shot at Timothy Bradley. But considering that Bradley will most likely rematch Manny Pacquiao in November, I see a rematch between Garcia and Khan more likely. Unless Khan decides to move up to welterweight which is also a possibility.

Whatever the case may be, both of these fighters will definitely get in the ring one more time before the year is out. On a side note, the Bears and Running Back Matt Forte have finally agreed to a new contract. Today was the deadline to do so. Matt Forte will be a Bear for the next four years and make a salary of $32 million in the process. Reports say that $18 million of that money is guaranteed. Stay tuned.....

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