I admit, Mayweather was the better fighter.

I admit, Mayweather was the better fighter.

As much as I hate to say it, and as much as I despise Floyd Mayweather Jr., I gotta give him credit. For the last 4 years, I dreamed of the day that Miguel Cotto and "Pretty Boy" Floyd would go one on one. I was hoping it would happen a lot sooner, but it happened none the less. But I also dreamed of Cotto being the guy to give "Money" his first loss. Unfortunately I was wrong on that one.

Now while I am willing to admit defeat por el amigo de Boricua Miguel Cotto, I also admit that I thought the scoring margin by the judges was a little too wide. The judges for the fight scored the following in favor of Mayweather: 118-110, 117-111, and another 117-111. I scored it a little tighter for Mayweather, 116-112. Now while I am not a licensed boxing judge, here is how I scored it by round:

Round 1: Cotto 10 Mayweather 10 Both fighters were sizing each other up.

Round 2: Cotto 10 Mayweather 9 Cotto landed more punches.

Round 3: Mayweather 10 Cotto 9 Mayweather landed more punches.

Round 4: Mayweather 10 Cotto 8 Mayweather's counter-punching was double the punches that Cotto was landing.

Round 5:  Cotto 10 Mayweather 9 Mayweather slowed up a little bit.

Round 6: Cotto 10 Mayweather 10 Both fighters showed great defensive techniques.

Round 7: Cotto 10 Mayweather 9 Cotto's best round of the entire fight in my opinion.

Round 8: Cotto 10 Mayweather 10 Cotto landed some huge punches but Mayweather's counter-punching was just as effective.

Round 9: Cotto 9 Mayweather 9 Cotto was getting tired and Mayweather was hesitant.

Rounds 10 and 11: Mayweather 10 Cotto 9 Cotto was really looking lost and exhausted.

Round 12: Mayweather 10 Cotto 8 Cotto had nothing left.

Now despite Cotto's performance he did show the world things that Cotto's fan base already knew. Cotto proved he can match Mayweather's speed for the most part. Mayweather landed more punches because Cotto wasn't prepared for the counter-punching onslaught that Mayweather delivered. That was something that I never saw in previous Mayweather bouts.

Cotto also proved that he can get through Mayweather's "Shoulder Roll" defense and land some big shots. He made Mayweather bleed on more than one occassion from his face and his nose. I can't recall if any of Floyd's previous opponents had done the same. And despite his fatigue towards the end of the fight, Cotto was still able to land some punches before the final bell.

Both Juan Manuel Marquez and Shane Mosley started swinging and missing towards the final rounds of their fights with Mayweather as they were out of energy as well. So while Mayweather may have gotten the best of Cotto in the end, Cotto was able to expose some weaknesses on Mayweather. Once Cotto cut off the ring, Mayweather had trouble finding a way out. We also discovered that Floyd can't defend himself on the ropes for too long.

Plus, Mayweather also seemed to panic a little bit when cornered. So knowing this, I can see a rematch down the line between the two. But the immediate future is the bigger concern, at least for Mayweather anyway. Two more things that I must give props to Mayweather on: 1. Being a class act through the whole thing. Sure he talked a little trash on 24/7, but aside from that he seemed to respect Miguel Cotto.

And #2. His apology to Larry Merchant. But let there be no mistake, Mayweather is still brash and cocky. As for the fighters next steps.... Mayweather has to turn himself in to the Clark County Jail in Nevada on June 1st to serve a 90 day jail sentence for a domestic incident involving the mother of his children. How Mayweather keeps himself in shape while incarcerated will decide how long it will be before his next fight.

After his victory on Saturday, Mayweather said he wants to finally get in the ring with Manny Pacquiao. If that does not happen, I can see a rematch with Cotto. I can also see the possibility of Amir Khan stepping up in weight class to fight Mayweather. After his loss to Lamont Peterson in December, Khan said that he would like to step from Junior Welterweight.

There is a rematch scheduled for May 19th. But after it was revealed that Lamont Peterson failed a drug test, that fight could be in danger of not happening. I could also see Mayweather sticking to Super Welterweight for his next fight and possibly going up against another undefeated fighter in Canelo Alvarez. As for Cotto, again a rematch with Mayweather could be in the works.

Or perhaps both Cotto and Amir Khan can meet at 147 pounds. There are some that would like to see a rematch between Cotto and Pacquiao. I wouldn't mind seeing that either. But if Cotto would like to stay at 154 pounds, maybe he can go up against Canelo Alvarez. Or maybe even Sergio Martinez, Paul Williams, or Kelly Pavlick. Martinez and Pavlick previously fought at 154.

So it will be interesting to see where these fighters go from here.

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