Derrick Rose is not to blame for the Bulls losing in the playoffs.

Derrick Rose is not to blame for the Bulls losing in the playoffs.


If you may recall, I said in my previous article that the Bulls were fully capable of succeeding without Derrick Rose:

I stand by that claim and I'll tell you why. The Bulls have a great coach in Tom Thibideau, they are well coached, and they proved during the season that they could win without D-Rose. So what exactly happened? I'll tell you.... When Rose went down at the end of game 1 against Philly, the rest of the team let the injury effect them mentally. That was the worst thing they could have done. So they spent all of game 2 wishing Rose was on the court and their performance suffered as a result. They did not act that way during the season.

My guess is they felt that they needed Rose to win it all, yes Rose may be a driving force but the Bulls have plenty of talent behind him. Then when Joakim Noah went down in game 3, it sucked out whatever energy the Bulls had left. During game 2 the Bulls were non-existent on defense, they were missing shots on offense, and they couldn't rebound. During games 3 and 4 the Bulls looked like they were afraid to guard anyone on defense. Now while the Bulls dominated in game 5, they couldn't carry that energy over to game 6.

Now during game's 5 and 6 Taj Gibson and Omer Asik were beasts in the paint and on the boards. If only they had played that way during the first four games then the Bulls would have been in better shape. Although in game 6, Gibson and Asik were exhausted during the 4th quarter and that may have been why Asik missed those crucial free throws and fouled the game away. Another problem was the "Bench Mob" not making their presence felt during games 2, 3, and 4. Luol Deng at times looked like his wrist was really bothering him.

And of course there was Carlos Boozer, who did little to nothing to help his team win. So Derrick Rose should not be blamed for the Bulls misfortunes this season. The rest of the team just didn't deliver when it counted the most. The Bulls should have easily beat this Sixers team in five games, but instead they completely collapsed. And now they head into an offseason full of question marks.

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